The Reason Why

People and even former lecturers have asked me: why not take up photojournalism? I always usually give the excuse of it not being my thing, but it’s far from the truth.

I would love to become one.

The excuse is just to avoid explainations. I am no master of verbally expressing myself and sometimes find it a chore. I wish I were telepathic.

Anyway, the main reason I choose not to is because I do not, in my opinion, meet the character requirements of a photojournalist. I hold the profession in high regard, especially those who do it to try and make a difference. I am not one of such caliber.

If I found something to drive me then I would. But to date I’ve yet to find a particular subject matter to pursue. Besides, I’d most probably be covering all sorts of other issues, and therein lies another problem.

I do not enjoy writing reportage-style content. I write expositions. I can happily sit in the category that is the documentary approach. You know, tell the story of the subject.

But that, again, presents more new and old problems. So no, I will not take it up. A part-time course out of interest, sure. I intend to keep photography as a hobby anyway. Film just wouldnt flow with modern working environments.

So there you have it!
Next week is going to be hell, relatively speaking.

Also, anybody else wanna go to this year’s airshow? Sean and I are heading down to ogle at the sexy planes and wank to the A10 aerial displays, haha.


One thought on “The Reason Why

  1. Actually apart from having my own business, photojournalism is my other dream. But I doubt I can write from a neutral point of view.
    That aside, I wish I can look into my future to see if there’s anything worth living for.

    Life is a struggle.

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