Lesson Learnt

m-flo loves BoA
m-flo Tour 2007 Cosmicolor at Yokohama Arena

I love this song.
I love it even more live.


Checking the view

Spring Sun

Target Practice

Artifact from back during the wild days

Arnold's Fried Chicken @ Hougang Green

Get sum' meds

I made about an hour’s worth of video recordings but, as expected, would be unfit for what I had in mind as I handheld the camera all the way. Chances are, whoever was watching the end product would have puked all over his or her keyboard so I’ll ignore the current footage and get more the next time round.

I wish there was a way for me to simply send my film through mail for development at the place I want. Having to go to Beach Road is kinda troublesome.

Also, there’s something I want to post up about but not tonight. In the meantime, Mayo loves you all!

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learnt

  1. Is Arnold’s nice? Anyway why do you have a clothing category on the left when you already said no point listing -.-
    Oh ohz, you only book out on Fridays? Was thinking we can go check out the games together.

  2. @Amanda:
    Personally find it hard to compare. I would go to either KFC, Arnold’s or Popeye’s depending on mood. All three not far from here anyway, haha.

    To show that I really want to buy clothes, but it’d be too many to list every single thing I want/need :p

    And yeah I do, but this Friday I’ll be booking out in the afternoon, after my dental. I drop you a message that morning lah.

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