Infinite Gold

“La Valse Des Monstres”
Composed by Yann Tiersen
Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain Soundtrack

Last Sunday, I was asked to help with a Mathematical problem my sister was having. Primary 2 level. Sure.

The topic was number bonds. Something I never covered in my day but had no trouble grasping upon looking at a page of questions. The problem lay towards the end of the paper.

You have the following numbers, displayed in boxes:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

You had to make up the following by coloring the numbered boxes:

9 using 2 numbers
10 using 3 numbers
8 using 2 numbers
7 using 2 numbers
6 using numbers

That was it, no further explanation or instructions. So OK.
First things first was I noticed that I was missing one more number. I had to color 11 numbers but only had 10 go with. So I assumed I could reuse one of the numbers.

After 15mins going through several combination, still nothing. It was frustrating. Then an idea struck me! Because the instructions were to use a particular color for each of the combination, perhaps one of them was to mix two colors together since one of them was purple! Then I realized that although there was blue, there wasn’t any red.

Besides, that would probably be beyond that level of Mathematics.

I gave up and figured you could just use any number more than once. Perhaps by coloring it in half or what-not. Who knows…

Anyway I found myself quickly running out of money this month. Checking through my records, it appears most of it went to essential items, the sort of stuff I restocked on every few months. I didn’t even buy a single game. Or article of clothing. Wow. The other two I spent most on was food and transport. Sad news indeed.

Then there’s tickets. I’m going for the Singapore Air Show next month, haven’t got the money back from the others. In that same regard, I’ll be going to a Kings of Convenience concert in mid-March, for which I haven’t paid yet. Ugh.

It’s also a heavy period (heavy period… lol) for presents. It’s always during the Nov-Feb months. I haven’t covered them all yet.

Now there’s some accessories that I need to buy online costing less than SGD50.

I honestly wonder how I’m going to manage once I ORD. No more monthly salary? It wasn’t a lot, true, but it was something! I’m really gonna have to find a part-time job it seems. Sigh.

Doesn’t help knowing I won’t get $200 due to something that wasn’t based on fair grounds.

Here’s to next pay day! T_T


2 thoughts on “Infinite Gold

  1. How about me! Totally unemployed :( No income since forever. SIGH. I need a job, really thinking of 7-11. I wouldn’t mind learning how to cut fish / meat at Cold Storage too.

  2. @Amanda: Keep on trying! And well those odd-jobs seem OK as a last-resort, but wouldn’t it better to do something relevant or at least one you somewhat enjoy. Don’t be a slave, we’re not that old yet!

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