Weekend Warrior

Digital pictures taken over the weekend, inclusive of the Singapore Airshow 2010 on 7 Feb.

「Love Don’t Cry」 (Emi Hinouchi version)
M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay
Cosmicolor (2007)
Rhythm Zone

I prefer Emi’s version to the song. Fun to watch too!

Following pictures were taken on Saturday, after a trip to this nice shop pretty much got thrashed since it turned out to be closed. I found out where The Screening Room is at least! Haha. Chinatown was pretty nice with the decorations and all but I would have wanted to wait before taking pictures and that would take too long. I also found some awesome tasting kaya buns and croissants at Central. More things to buy when I head there now, heh.

No matter how I see it, everytime I see that pattern and colour on the bag I'll think "shimapan!" /facepalm

Til this day I have no idea what those people see in taking the boat ride

Didn't get to meet up with Jac and her friend in the end that day, so was only us two!

Then on Sunday it was off to the Singapore Airshow 2010! Some problems with ticketing but don’t wanna’ talk about it, it’ll just mess up the mood. Was super hot that day, wish I had shades. I really want to buy a pair now. After my shoes that is. And… oh why do I bother, haha.

Random trees while bored on the bus. It's the runway behind, but missed my chance to take a nice shot, so I ended up with this

We're going to the air show whee! Hahahaa

"Hey where are the planes?" Looks exactly the same as 2008 doesn't it?

First plane we see! The F-35, beeeyewteefool

Hey isn't that a Raptor?

Wait no it's a Decepticon! D:

The flight display begins!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a--ok fine it's a plane

I shall resist saying something crude. But it does look phallic :p

"...all shapes and sizes!"

Aww yeah check out that butt! ...referring to the jet

Ice cream booth behind jet exhausts?

Hey go back to your post!

Open fire!


3G Soldier. Literally.

Really tired today, since afternoon so apologies for the lack of captions. Not really necessary in this case anyway yeah? Next two days gonna be tiring too, combat shoot and all. Fun, but tiring.

Before I go, I have to do this. Because I have this mad, silly infatuation with Soon Kyu / Sunny right now, ahaha.

Girl's Generation

Ahh our aegyo queen! Smile to die for *melts*

In serious news, can’t wait to finish my current roll and go develop all three!

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