Heading Places

Mayo: I am so ridiculously tired that not only could I not get into my photography vibe, I also started to stone towards the evening and lost all control of my speech, reducing into my speed-mumbling. Haha. I’m in a daze right now. So I shall instead reserve this post for the intended entry another time now!

「Tell Yourself」
Mucho Punk (2009)
Fluxus Music

I’ve been waiting to use this song for VDay, haha.
To all my single friends and those girls who made a difference: Happy Valentine’s Day! Who says its for couples only? Haha. Blah blah blah some talk about VDay.

In other news, Happy Lunar New Year! The tiger huh, would that translate into aggression? We’ll see how that turns out. Don’t want to dive into this topic either, for I’ll be spending my day at home watching movies and recharging my introvert batteries. We quiet ones need to have a break from going out and spend some alone time or we’ll grow tired and crazy.

Anyway I did some shopping today and it felt gooood. Until I checked my bank account. It’s sad how I have to put one of my hobbies back in order to accommodate another. Right now it’s gaming out, clothes in. Mostly because I’m going to ORD and cannot be caught dead wearing the same ol’ crap once I do. As always in my case, in terms of funding supply does not meet demand, hence I still have aaaaaaaaa lot of stuff to buy. But who doesn’t already know that? Haha.


Had an out-camp run on Friday morning. Woke up at ungodly hours to not much point, since the first bus only bloody arrived at 6AM. Bus and trains were pretty packed already, which surprised me. I never will be a morning person. Met up with my army friends and had breakfast at VivoCity’s Long John Silver. Had that Texas Chicken breakfast set. Pretty big. Bemoaned the fact that side dishes do not include vegetables or fruit.

While sitting there, one of my friends, referred to as “ah pek” at times due to some of his habits resembling one, made a few passing comments while watching kids mess around at the playground just outside the restaurant.

“Haha you see, his penis very small.”
“Wah, like fun like that!”

Now they referred to two different things of course but he said them together. Which made us all burst into laughter and accusations of him being a pedophile. Did some other stuff too, like check out the National Geographic store. Second time in there and it really is a nice place.

I wanted to get myself a book on Black & White too but my budget only allowed for one book. This had more general use for me at the moment and was the last copy around.

Went home with the intention of applying for my new passport but that changed, so decided to go hang out with Jacquelyn instead.
Checked out a store at Ann Siang Hill we wanted to previously. Was a really nice place with really nice cake. Regret not taking enough pictures, my eyes were getting tired and lazy (I fell asleep on the train ride to Chinatown too). But was great getting to meet up with Jac again. Her LJ has better pictures of the place btw.

Cutest table plant. Ever.

"The plant must be tired from being photographed all the time"

Jac didn't bring her Vivitar or hey Oly either! This could not be, so lent my RF to her. Long live film!

Do Not Disturb: Photographer At Work

Delicious cake. Thinking about it makes me want to eat more.

And some Earl Grey tea. Unlike regular EG, this one had a flowery taste to it.

Cake yolk!


Left in the evening and parted ways with Jac in the train. Thanks for letting me know about the place!

Met up with Amanda and Justus over at Triple D, running late since they were there by the time I left Chinatown. Haha. Sorry guys. I hope the bird made up for it. Dropped off two rolls of B&W (can’t wait to collect!) and bought some Superia 200. It was then… surprise, surprise… VivoCity for our dinner. Modesto’s at Level 1.

Why crowd around the directory when you could use an iPhone app or just take a picture of the directory? :P

Bread was nice and soft. Came with oil and vinegar dip.

Calamari rings which were good. They had better be, given the price we were paying, haha.

Chicken! Not wings thankfully, but not spicy either. Chicken has to be either nice or mind-numbing spicy!

Our main dish, the pizza, was the worst. Dough and sausages, honestly. Hell even the sausage was bad. In their defense, I'm guessing the pasta would have been better.


You, sir, look familiar


Saturday spent it with Daryl and Ken. Suntec City it was for some of our needs. Daryl got his kick-ass shirt from Guess but it set him back close to $200. Ken didn’t get anything that caught his fancy. I got some stuff; excuse the low-light handphone pics. Didn’t bring out my cameras either so no photos of that outing.

Fossil. Should have membership plans. Love the place.

Pedro. Earning my membership next time round.

I still have a bunch of stuff to buy. Shopping is never enough! Its an incurable disease. I feel much more respect for girls now, who have a tonne of things and range of choices to buy.

My age is showing. I feel sleepy, yawning and all. Hope you Mayoyaki’s enjoy this break!

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