Through The Looking Glass

Lack of entries this week because I no longer post things when I’m feeling down. I’m the stubborn sort of guy who doesn’t share his problems or ask for help, haha. (Well unless it’s work related and I need to get it done.)

Do As Infinity
Break Of Dawn (2000)

I didn’t know what song to put up so I used iTunes DJ and used the first one that caught my attention. This was it. Been a long time, haha.

Was damn tired last night, from my final guard duty, some stuff as well as watching three movies*. Basically fell asleep in the middle of the fourth one and while waiting for Jac’s LJ to load, haha.

*The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
(still bad)

Dances With Wolves
(still a great show)

Infernal Affairs
(nice show but felt kinda messy to me, maybe because I’m not too used to Asian films?)

(fell asleep…)

I forgot what this is. Tori Katsu Don or something. This place called Hisshou Japanese Cafe at Bras Basah Complex, Lv2. Owners were nice and food not bad but way too much rice.

Pumpkin Croquette I forgot I had ordered. Can't get enough of them croquettes!


Jac and George, whom I just met today. No prizes for guessing who is who

The strap for my camera bag kinda fell apart. Lost my mood to take any pictures then since I had to hand-carry. It’s still under warranty but I have no idea where the receipt is. I hope the salesgirl remembers me! We did have quite a chat when I bought it. Luckily the cameras are fine, only the battery for my Canonet had to be adjusted. I want my Billingham bag now. Great quality and looks great too. Anybody want to part with $350 or so? Haha.

Checked out this flea market at Riverwalk Mall. As usual, tonnes of girlie stuff. Nothing at all for me to buy, so just followed Jac around and watch her go through spending trauma, haha. George went to hunt for the shot he was looking for, forgot to ask if he managed to take any. I hope Bugis Street has cheap guy stuff :(

Many many clothes, shoes and accessories I want to buy! Expensive, cheap, genuine and fake. Makes me wish I could run into some small, random creature that attacks me so I could defeat it and come across several gold coins.

Also still not too happy with the pictures I’m taking. I don’t know how the film ones are since I only collect them next week, keeping my hopes up for some good ones in there. I need to go shoot more. Shall hang out with Jac more often. Oh and convince Clemens to go out as well, now that he has sold his D3000 and getting the D90.

Photos from my phone that I got around to transferring onto my PC.

Harddrive toaster! Haha. I need a few more HDDs. I keep having this feeling I posted this pic before.

Risk! Great game but destroys trust between friends, hahaha. I took blue subconsciously. I called them Ultramarines :D

And here my Ultramarines are dying, haha. One of the games where I got it real bad

One of the nights while we had supper, Daryl bought a Milo Dinosaur. It came with longan for some reason. Looks like eyes. Or balls. Or both.

I really wanted to buy this when I saw it...

Dylon's Power Whitener. Does a pretty good job of bleaching. Clothes smell nice afterwards too. This expanded from heat over time I suppose. Or maybe it's explosive.

While on the back of a lorry, heading home after booking out

Lenneth of Valkyrie Profile! Pic doesn't do it justice, lovely model. I can be her einherjar anyday, haha :p I'm still sad I gave up figure collecting. Maybe when I'm older.

I went to Universal Studios Singapore’s first preview day on short notice, so I grabbed my camera bag and left the house. End result? My Canonet ran out of film. My G11 ran out of battery since it wasn’t on full charge. So I was down to my last camera: my handphone… Pics from my G11 are up on FaceBook. I can’t believe I just typed that.

What do you see? Looks... wrong to me

Yeah Stargate! Oh it's not? Damn.

Some performers which you can't really see. Instead of stilts they have this awesome looking thing now.

One of the displays getting in the way...

Didn't have time to take from the front

The Globe

And now for something entirely random:


Not taken by me, belongs to one of the guys over at ClubSNAP. Check out the collection (and this isn’t all he has)! The networth alone is a little mindboggling but then there’s the value of each and every one of them too. Whoa.

Rangefinder heaven

I’m going to ORD soon and I’m concerned over my stop in salary :(


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