Something smart supposed to go here.

“Now We Are Free”
Composed by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard & Klaus Badelt
Lyrics by Lisa Gerrard
Gladiator, Music From The Motion Picture (2000)
Decca Records

Depression is a bitch. I’m losing count now.
Whatever. I should OD on Prozac if I ever get some; at least I’d die happy.

Went to check out Chingay Fiesta @ Heartlands (Tampines) last Saturday. Was with Clemens (his new D90 so much heavier. Good from a photography standpoint, bad for extended street IMO) and Azri (who bought himself a Holga recently but didn’t bring it or his Sony DSLR for some reason, especially since he lives so far away).

All in all, we felt cheated, haha. The parade consisted of nothing but the regular-sized floats. None of those massive ones, neither were there any marching procession. My rangefinder was loaded with ASA200 film and I wasn’t expecting to take any pictures with it, but surprisingly it seemed to be OK. Still quite a lot of daylight close to 7PM. I’m sure the f1.7 lens helped too. Honestly this camera is an amazing choice to start with.

My G11 I passed to Azri to shoot with so he wouldn’t feel left out, haha. It only occurred to me when I got home that the ISO setting on it was left at 3200. The shots are pretty much all noisy. I find noise and grain to have different characteristics, but it’s just me…

This man was shooting children all day long! Pedophile! Haha.

One of the floats near the end of the line.

Yeah the rest of the shots were pretty much botched. Ended way earlier than expected so decided to go to Toys R’ Us for a while. Then we discovered something.

Any boy's wet dream. Well, aside from the fairer sex, haha.

Had Carl's Jr. for dinner. I said no but I secretly wanted it. Woe is me.

That was pretty much it. Hopefully whatever next event we go to would be far more fruitful.

Goods from DealExtreme that arrived recently. Just some hard drive enclosures and an anti-static wrist band. And that suspicious thing to the right I only bought because it was cheap, haha. Thinking of who to give it to.

Monopoly out, Settlers of Catan in.

Didn't try it, but I like the poster.

Didn’t collect my films this week. Shall do so tomorrow after I collect my passport. Lots of games this month, don’t know how to cope financially or chronologically. I still have shopping to do. And this is my last paycheck.

Sunday spent with the guys down at Orchard. That’s for the next post, don’t want it too long.


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