Well I got my BW scans back from the lab. Frankly, they’re crap. Well actually there’s quite a number of usable ones, a handful that could be nice and posted up somewhere… but nothing I personally like. Haha. Which is okay because looking through it, I know where I went wrong. I refreshed/learned quite a bit since I took those photos, so I’m looking forward to shooting more and improving actually.

The one thing that eludes me is the focus though. The photos are all soft and have been since the first roll. I have been a lot more conscious of the focus for these two rolls (not all the time) but it’s still off. Not sure if it’s the camera or me. Granted the RF patch is very dim so I might be doing more guesswork than accurate work. It isn’t the system for sure; tried a Voigtlander and the shots I took were spot on. The lens perhaps? I gotta send it for a CLA, hopefully before mid-year.

It’ll be really frustrating if it would have been highly difficult to get a nice picture because of the camera.

Shoot more it is.
Paying $5 per scanned roll is painful though, especially knowing when that $5 could be used developing another roll instead. Film scanner end of the year? Hmm.

Oh and Singapore Poly has sent me a reply, I’m not getting in. Chances are I’m not going to get a place at TP either so I’m entering Plan B and gotta find work for now. Photo development store should be interesting, I’ll have to scout around. Still open to working at a bookstore, be it a small business or one like Kinokuniya/Borders. Would be great getting a place that has to do with audio-video but I have zero experience. Gamestore would be interesting too but wouldn’t be relevant.

Ponder ponder.

So I watched a couple of videos of Kim Yu-Na, the South Korean figure-skating sensation, out of curiosity. Started with some serious business between Korea and Japan on the interwebs, followed by me Googling her name and being impressed from what I read to lurking YT. Not my thing, figure skating, but I can see why she’s clinched so many medals. That and the fact that she’s two years younger than me, making me feel like an ancient Oak tree. Very good.

She also somehow reminds me of Faye, Ken’s sister, haha. Helps that she does ballet. I must tell Ken my revelation.

[EDIT 2]
Ken (via SMS): Who’s that?

OK, nevermind.


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