Headed to Katong today with Clems for a shoot. Didn’t stay there for long really, haha. There were actually a lot of shots that I didn’t take simply because I was sick. I have a sore throat and cough and I imagine it’d be weird having some sickly person taking a photo of you. But I’m glad that at least I saw things I could have taken. Still need to develop an eye for things.

「Kiss Kiss Kiss」
Mucho MUSICA (2009)
Avex Trax

Rendezvous Point. Yes, I just noticed its cropped.

One of the few displays at a store inside. Annoying reflections, polarizer much.

Again, cropped. Didn't stop walking to take this and there was lots of excess space to the left.

Mmm yeah, stairs.

Katong Laksa for lunch (sore throat won't stop me!) Lives up to its reputation, damn nice. And they shell the prawns for you... joy!

Along one of the back alleys. Can't go wrong with taking photos here, haha.

I like this one. The amount of moss, good lawd.

Shots of the temple weren't that great, sky was much too bright.

I'll be honest: I have no idea what this is. But yeah macro! Haha.

Don't really like this shot... but nice tiles.

Owners of tile-house had a really nice mailbox!

Rear entrance of the temple from earlier.

These flowers can be found a lot over at Marine Parade side

Found him sleeping under a bench. Very friendly kitty. I always forget Sg strays have coarse fur; spoiled by my home cats.

Their logo perplexes me. Why a maple leaf...?

Pair of paintings outside Odeon. Had a lot more of them inside. Stunning work.

Ha-har Toilet Ninja! ...or I've been watching too many Japanese videos

Park connector that goes to I-don't-know-where.

I dunno about the shot (abstract! lol) but omg I see bokeh! From my compact! How rare.

Taking this was hell. Lots of them started crawling up my leg. Sweating in jeans paid off.

...ORD loh

I was trying hard to get car symmetry, this was the best of the lot. Except for that vehicle on that right.

Ads really can be funny sometimes.

After loitering Parkway Parade decided to go to the Golden Triangle and Triple D. While on the bus met this elderly gent who we got into conversation about photography. Shared his travel photos with us (8x12" in a scrapbook! Nice.) along with a number of tips, some I found really helpful. It only occured to us long afterwards to take a photo with him...

Colourful, reminds me I need to get sandals so I can wear berms out.

Wanted to frame this, didn't turn out so great.

Wanted to take a photo of that man on the right but I too hum ji, do a walkby snapshot instead, haha.

Near some eating place

Same as the previous photo. Some handshake here.

Ahh, now THIS photo. I liek. A tad underexposed but yeah, composition mostly.

I'm sure that traffic signal is amber, haha.

Happy with this shoot. Realized there are a lot of portrait-oriented shots in this one. Too bad I was sick, could have attempted some real street portraiture. Ah well, always next time.

Also had a camera technician take a look at my Canonet. Seems that the viewfinder is foggy. Is that affecting the brightness of the RF patch, or does that also have issues? No matter, shall have to get it fixed eventually. Maybe in June. Bought some negative sheets to better organize them. I store them in my dry cabinet along with some other stuff… I think I need a bigger one. But my cameras only use up one tray, haha.

I want a printer from IT Fair but salary for this month is WTF so no go.

Shall post some photos of my recently developed rolls in next entry. Don’t really like them cos I have higher standards for film photography, haha. But just gonna share anyway.

I need a job.


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