A Slice of Hell

I ORD today.

But I’m sick. What a way to go. Cough, sore throat and a runny nose. The very runny kind; the sort that runs down the back of your throat to irritate the hell out of that area. So basically I couldn’t really care about anything today, just wanted to go home and drink hot honey.

It’s sad. No more easy income. R3s3rvic3 is gonna be a bitch.

I'm gonna try a Woods>Strepsils>Honey routine to cure myself. I gotta be in decent shape tomorrow and hopefully back in action by Monday or Tuesday. The cheap cheesecake is to cheer me up. Apple crumble/pie wouldn't agree with my throat right now.

Took the chance to go shopping at the supermarket as well. I hate humidity, as you can tell.

Haven't unpacked my stuff yet. Shall do so when I recover. Then figure out where the heck I'm gonna keep them...

Yeah I wish I could open up my face and I dunno, fix up my nose and throat or something. Sigh. Very annoying. Eating is a chore. The back of my throat is the real killer. Meh. Film shots post shall wait til next, can’t do it now. Here’s some interesting stuff.

(Source: SC)

Japanese asked to rank the most commonly perpetrated techniques for appearing cute yield up a list which might well double as a “how to feign being a schoolgirl” ranking.

Those looking to appear cute or wishing to dissect the carefully honed techniques of the Japanese maiden may find the list instructive.

The ranking:

1. Pretend you don’t get dirty jokes

2. Look at him cutely with upturned eyes

3. ♡Use lots of emoticons and deco-characters in your mails♡ (´・ω・`)

4. Speak to him with your voice at a higher than normal pitch

5. Smile quietly after nonchalantly telling him what troubles you

6. Coordinate light pink and white

7. Make sure you have plenty of forelock

8. Speak at a leisurely pace

9. Doubtfully lean your head to one side when asking a question

10. Cover your mouth when laughing

In sum, the secret to appearing cute to Japanese men is apparently thought to be affecting the behaviour of a 10-year-old girl, perhaps not the most shining endorsement of the tastes of Japanese of either gender, at least where “cuteness” is concerned.

COMMENT: You know… two or three of those points would actually get to me, haha. If it’s done right of course. Which is usually subconsciously. Yeah I’ll just stop talking now…

(Source: Boston)

A woman faces charges of assault after she sprayed breast milk on her jailer.

The 31-year-old Kentucky woman had been arrested for misdemeanour public intoxication, but as she was changing into a prison uniform she allegedly sprayed breast milk in the face of her female guard whilst her bra was removed.

Police say the officer was threatened with a potential “biohazard.”

This resulted in a felony charge of 3rd degree assault on a police officer with a $10,000 bond.

COMMENT: You don’t get this sort of news here.

I shall now return to a state of very low levels of activity and hope my ailments go away.


2 thoughts on “A Slice of Hell

  1. @Amanda:
    Yeah it does! I love Woods, haha. The Strepsils are just for relief in between doses of Woods. Glad to say it got better after a day and half :D Now it’s just all phlegm, ugh

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