So Ken asked to take pictures of his condo.

I’ve noticed again for a second time that JPEG compression does hell to shadows and blacks. Looks so much better in their original. Then again I’m not well-versed in my post-production as I’m focusing more on camera technique right now. I’ll give it a read later when I wake up.

Taken past 7PM and it was pretty dark, so exposures featured were all taken above 1 second. Yay for freebie tripods.

This was taken a day earlier, my bedroom window. It was raining and I had a sudden compulsion to take photos of raindrops.

The BBQ Pit

The trees. Dark.

I need to stop cutting things at the side, like this handrail.

Checking out the beach chairs and no, you can't see that far into the background haha

Moar tree. I miss drinking coconuts.

The pool had this one main light in it that gave off a nice glow, so I made use of it.

Since I mentioned I haven't been doing any 'major' image editing decided to play around with one. Took quite some time since everything felt so new, haha. But yeah I wanna focus on getting the shots right for now

When’s my next shoot!


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