Run Devil Run

SoShi’s new PV is out.

Run Devil Run
Run Devil Run (2010)
SM Entertainment

The single has been repackaged into their second album (previously Oh!), set for release this month. Frankly, I find that sort of thing annoying. Keep to singles and albums please, no alternative releases.

It’s a nice change of pace from the other tracks and the chorus has a nice feel to it. The one thing I like about SNSD is watching their dance routines and finding out the “signature move” for each of their song. For this one it flows nicely with the chorus, gotta have to watch the live performance to get a better idea. The dresses and costumes… hmm… it fits some of them, not all.

Oh and obligatory Sunny-related comment: She looks hot, especially on the profile page of their official website, haha. Pic if you’re interested but lazy.

Not going to dwell onto any serious review here, I never usually do. Haha. Lots of other people to who are more than willing to do so.

Note: SoShi and SNDS are just other names for Girls’ Generation, if it confused you.
Note 2: Oh their live performance vid is up, Music Bank 19/03/2010.

I’ll be overseas for a couple of days. Undecided if I should bring my film camera along.


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