So I’m in Malaysia. Irrelevant right now, but here’s the post to keep things up for this week. Yay for scheduled posts. The previous Saturday I had a pretty interesting dream. Could be considered a nightmare but I’m looking at it from another perspective and well… it is interesting, haha. If anything it’s due to its’ familiarity. You know, sort of like revisiting a theme park several years later. I got that sort of impression and I seriously believe I dreamed of it before in similar fashion.

Before I jump into it just a quick personal observation. I haven’t delved into it but the Kpop industry, although seemingly confusing and big at first impression, is actually a tightly-knit assembly of the most successful groups (music- or fanbase-wise) around. It also helps that there a lot of programs that feature them. Beats watching Singapore Idol, haha. Trouble is I’ve yet to take the time to look for someplace that provides subs and I haven’t been exposed to Korean as much as Japanese, so I can’t really get the gist of anything they’re saying except for key phrases here and there.

“BB Corps”
Composed by Harry-Gregson Williams
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Original Soundtrack (2008)
Konami Digital Entertainment

Ahh the screaming. It’s been two years since MGS4 came out huh. I fondly remember the releases of Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots. It is my favourite series, so no surprise there. Hell, the first Metal Gear Solid was the reason why I even bought my very first PlayStation console back in the late ’90s. Loved them all.

So back onto my dream.

Well, it started out being some camp-related activity. Don’t ask me why, I’ve been dreaming of camp the past week and I hate it. Messed up, seriously.

Somehow or rather we ended up being in the beach. I actually entered the water for a “swim” and it is here I wholeheartedly agree with Geri how dreams and nightmares are the opposite of reality. No way in hell would I ever go for a dip in the water. I must be clinically insane to do so.

A storm approached and the current picked up, pushing me deeper into the terrible sea. My godlike thrashing and swimming brought be back to shore and we got out, seeking shelter. Not before getting my No.1 uniform. I have no idea why the hell we brought it there. My coat cover had its usual markings and decorations though, haha.

Unlike most camp-related events we sought shelter in different directions. It’s a little fuzzy but I found one nearby in the form of an old, derelict house. The architecture was that of those old English mansions, the kinds where you see dotted around Singapore every now and then. Grey in colour, of course.

Like most transmissions in dreams, it’s hazy but what I remember next was being deep in the house, my previous belongings gone and now properly dressed. I instinctively knew this was a bad place and that my dream-aware part of me sighed and knew it’ll be another one of those nightmares. Shortly after, however, I began to get a different feeling. Everything was familiar. The tight linear corridor, the rooms and even the very atmosphere.

I came across beings that were very obviously not human and then spent a great deal of my time hiding from them. I knew I had to reach the end of the corridor to get out, so it was all survival-horror mode for me. Once again getting all fuzzy, but the things I came across were not exactly pants-wetting horrendous in nature. Granted they were scary but not that much. I’ve seen worse things in my nightmares. As if there was almost something human in them.

So on my way I was, down the lengthy corridor, no end in sight. At this particular junction I stopped and to my right (I knew to look there) I saw this old woman closing her door, preparing to turn in for the night. She chatted up with the spiders outside her door which were also going to bed. This scene was a little comical, cartoon-like almost. You know like the sort of scenes you see in nursery-rhyme books. The whole background dread was still present though.

Continued on and somewhere along my travels I came across a weapon, a revolver of some kind. If anything, like all survival-horror games, it was a magnum. Highly original but what the heck. I mention game because from this moment on, I thought I was playing a game now. Or something like that. Logical thought in dreams don’t work.

I fired at a few who came my way, they didn’t seem to die. Hurried on further down and shot a couple more. Can’t remember but after a while I came across this particular one. I never reloaded by the way, haha. I was exasperated by them not dying so I asked something along the lines of, “Where’s the gore?”. His reply was that the game was already old, that the PlayStation was having difficulty rendering everything now. So in summary my dream was lagging.

I shot him in the head (how kind) and he proceeded to moan and drop in slow-motion. So now they seem to die. Proceeded onwards. I stress this again, that everything was familiar. The little junctions, deviations, decorations, scenes and characters. Everything.

There were a couple of paintings and a pair port-holes to my left. Avoided them because I knew something was there. One of the port-holes suddenly closed, in good old horror fashion. In between the two ports was a painting. Behind it was a third port-hole, I knew to look through this one. I saw an old lady creature facing away from me. Shot her and made my way.

Down another section of the corridor there was a door to my right. As I passed it the door suddenly opened. Panicked and looked in, saw a family and fired a few rounds. They didn’t die. Noticed they were vampires so I made flight, knowing my bullets had to be silver. There were a few relics on display to the right as well and just as the vamps were about to get to me, I grabbed this golden, diamond-decorated, torso-sized cross that was very light, come to think of it. Bared it and the vamps recoiled for a moment, long enough for me to run and turn right at the next junction, into this room.

There was nowhere to hide. I decided to make-do with staying behind the door, holding up the cross in front of me and hoping I wouldn’t be seen. Just to add there was nothing religious about it, simply because it was useful against vampires. They came in and actually did check behind the door. I heard them say that the cross was there on the wall, but I wasn’t in the room. There were traces of me but it ended there. The vampire family then left. At this point they felt less of a threat and instead more like a regular family.

Amazed I resumed my journey. My relic disappeared, presumably it was in my imaginary backpack along with my other items. Some stuff happened that I can’t recall, but I eventually made my way out of the house. Up a short flight of stairs and into regular Singapore. It was an old neighbourhood and I saw a coffeeshop or two. The gate was locked I think so I made my way to the fence and broke myself out. I must point out that when doing so my arms looked like they belonged to a bear. Metamorphose much?

Slight drizzle, ran to the road in utter relief, with the intention of taking a cab. Two or more vacant ones passed by, none sparing a second glance at me. I came to realize that nobody saw me in fact. I was crushed.

Hazy again then like any TV-series, when I came to realize the truth of it all, flashbacks occurred at appropriate moments. I was dead. I drowned in that damned sea. The house was where I belonged, together with all the rest of those dread but human creatures. No wonder it felt so familiar. No wonder I could disappear from the vampires. It was a mansion of the supernatural. Our little home on Earth. I then thought, if I was dead and hence, living an afterlife, shouldn’t I be in either heaven or hell? Perhaps I was in limbo since I never held any religious faith. Or… something. Like I said, logical thought held no water in dreams.

I returned to the ghostly building, at peace with what I am, greeted by all its inhabitants. Home.

Bizarre, was it not? The ending was kinda cheap if you look at it that way, but it was interesting. I’ve taken an interest in my dreams these past few months because I like trying to figure out what they mean, if they mean anything. I can come to several conclusions from this one but I’m sure it’d differ from others. Woke up to an awfully cold afternoon. It was raining quite heavily.


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