Coming Up

So I’m back. How was the trip? It was a real test. I have lots of things to write about now, so much that I’ll be splitting them into multiple posts so expect them in the coming days.

Only things I bought were stuff from The Body Shop. More on that in the relevant post. I’ve got so much stuff to do now that I’m back. Just finished unpacking my travel bag, gotta get started on my army stuff that I left in the corner tomorrow. Then there’s the all the different updating I gotta do online as well as my job search. I’m hoping I don’t need to get around to doing a resume; I hate the very idea of them.

Oh yes not forgetting photographs! I didn’t take many actually. You can see them all in a single post, since I wasn’t really in the mood. One shouldn’t force art, is what I believe. Didn’t bring along my Canonet either.

And then there’s her. The issue has taken on some intrigue by now. Why is it so difficult given the conditions compared to others? Hmm.

All this in Mayoyaki! Stay tuned, whoever you are, haha.


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