The Highlands (Part Un)

After some thought I’ve decided to further split the posts. I’ll be touching on certain topics in each. Photos if available will go in their respective sections. Do note that I won’t be mindlessly recollecting events of what happened. The chunk of text will go to thoughts that crossed my mind during the trip.

What this post covers:
-Opening Thoughts
-The Journey

「Lupin」 (Live @ Music Bank 26 Mar)
Lupin (2010)
DSP Entertainment, M.Net Media

Comments: On most mornings I’ll wake up to a song repeating in my head. I’ll use them as accompaniment for these posts.

In a bid to expand outside of SNSD I started off with Kara, since their comeback was shortly after SNSDs’. Lupin was the first song I heard, just before I left Singapore. Initial impressions were “hmm ok” since the song seemed to break its flow at certain parts, but it grew on me after a while. Only saw the live performance when I got back. Choreography definitely different from SoShi. I especially like the “Bond girl” sequence and the “it’s mine” parts, haha. Chest pumping felt oddly placed though.

I’m naming it “The Highlands” simply because it reminds me of Borderlands, haha. I’ve just started on my 2nd playthrough and found out that Clemens got his PS3 recently. So yay, online play finally! Haha. I’ll just farm stuff until he and his friend reach Crimson Lance areas. Also means I need a mic or bluetooth set though. They’re using Skype, I should get around to it. Forgot what my previous account was, haha.

Right, onto the gist of it.

Opening Thoughts
I had reservations about going on the trip due to the company I’d be with. It held true for the most part. I was, however, looking forward to finally going overseas after what felt like eternity. I’m hoping to fill my passport with visa stamps as much as I can these next few decades, haha. I’d have to start work for that though.

I don’t recall much from my previous trip to Genting Highlands. I only remembered the Theme Park and the cold. I am, and let me stress this, very much a tropical creature. I’m perfectly fine and can deal with hot weather. That does not mean I like it though. I hate the humidity; it’s the worst of all. I was excited about finally going to a place where I can happily layer away.

[Sidetrack: First image I see upon opening PhotoBucket is the Sunny picture I last uploaded. Sssssmoking hot, lol.]

Ignore stuffed toy and small bag up top, not mine

Brought it along for my Powershot and some books. Never used the charger or second memory card in the end

And my luggage bag, keeping it simple.

After some self-debate decided against bringing my Canonet, which was a wise move seeing as to how I didn’t take much photos. I missed it though, definitely.

The Journey
We were to take a coach there. The last time I slept most of the way through, most likely due to motion-sickness. I’m a little better now; I can even read for short periods of time! Haha. After watching their adverts on local FTA channels some years back, I got to experience it myself.

Grassland Express.

Waited quite some time before the bus was ready to depart but man was it spacious. It’s far more comfortable that what I remember of economy flights, haha. Basically you had your automated reclining seat of course, complete with leg and foot rests. There also was a personal entertainment system that could play either movies or games.

I only bothered with it after we crossed the border. Quite a collection of movies available. The first one to catch my eye was Daddy-Long-Legs, the 2005 South-Korean film. Much to my expected horror, there were no English subs. I tried my best to watch it with the Malay subtitles but I just couldn’t. It sounded so wrong. Not just the language, but the way it was translated and then conveyed. Couldn’t take it.

Tried to look for other movies with English subs since I didn’t have any earphones with me. Yes, believe it or not I did not bring along any media player with me. I have no idea why, looking back on it. Anyway, attempted another South-Korean movie, one Thai film and a couple from Hollywood but gave up in the end. I was too busy scrutinizing the video quality to enjoy them. (The joy when I finally got home and watched mine in their HD glory. And then there’s Blu-Ray…)

Made one pit-stop along the way, about 50KM after crossing the checkpoint I believe. Got myself some chewing gum, what a relief. I actually chewed so much that I had sore jaws the next day, I kid you not, haha.

On a serious note I’m glad that the gum is banned here. If Singaporeans couldn’t be bothered to dispose some of their personal trash properly, imagine the horrors that gum would bring about. I remember that in my previous estate, an old neighbourhood harking back to the days when it was allowed, one could see tonnes of black stains. Corpses of ill disposed chewing gum. They were really unsightly. Imagine stepping on one that hasn’t fully dried. Imagine seeing them pasted at the back of bus seats with all the graffiti. Imagine them clogging escalators. Or Emperor forbid, imagine having one get stuck onto your clothes or hair. Say what you will, draconian or not, I for one, support the move to ban chewing gum. Hell, I keep the wrapper back in the pack so I could dispose of the gum later, not just spit it into a rubbish bin.

Ate some friend noodles at the stop. Disgusting, way too much sauce. Oh and don’t let me get started on the flies. I surprisingly survived the pit stop without much trouble.

Continued the journey. I wanted to take pictures out the window but the blinds were drawn down so that it covered most of the window, leaving only enough to take a look outside. Good for sleeping and the late morning sun, but not ideal for photography. There was this couple beside me who were upsetting my state of well-being so I resigned to simply laying back in the seat and reading my book.

I brought along Horus Rising and False Gods. Yes, if you remember correctly they are Warhammer 40K novels I purchased last year or so. Decided to read them again because I personally find that The Horus Heresy is an epic period in canon (and that the franchise would benefit greatly from a good CGI adapted from it). Horus Rising is well-written and my favourite too, second only to Eisenhorn, both of which are written by Dan Abnett.

I couldn’t continue after eight chapters, a trace of motion-sickness settling in. I slept for the rest of the journey, intermittently waking up to see where I was, only to realise I had no idea either way except for some signs leading to landmark areas. Then we reached the base of the mountain.

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