The Highlands (Part Deux)

On with the story.

What this post covers:
-People Watching

「Long Way Home」
Speedland: The Premium Best Re Tracks (2009)
Sonic Groove

Comment: As before, one of the songs stuck in my head when I woke up. And you thought it’d be nothing but Korean songs now, haha. I heard about Okinawan group Speed late last year after deciding to give their Speedland album a try, which is a compilation of repackaged songs. Liked the way it started, this one being the opening song. I have to admit, the cover is badly made, but doesn’t detract from the fact that the song has a nice groove to it.

I finally got a chance to play Borderlands online with friends today, haha. The bad thing is that with my regular partner we play split-screen. We can’t have split-screen and online running at the same time. Blah :( I was pretty extra though, since my level was too high. I only damped their XP and brought out more bad asses to kill, haha. At least got a feel of how they played. Definitely need to get a USB headset (so I can use it on the PC for language lessons too). Helped them through one boss then went to farm on my own at second playthrough. Got nice weapons. Can’t wait for them to join me. Thankfully the other Siren isn’t melee spec like me. We need a Soldier.

Oh also went to eat at Wendy’s for dinner with Amanda after the briefing. Verdict? Nothing impressive. Better than McDonalds definitely (oh how they’ve fallen), but not as artery clogging tongue-gasmic as Carl’s Jr. I’m gonna have a short life from the looks of it anyway. Didn’t bring my camera sadly. Their chilli sauce was nice by the way.

I need to get around to writing my resume but the very idea annoys me. I’ll have it dealt with by Friday.

The bus proceeded at a leisurely pace, following the winding path up the mountain. The roads were choked with traffic, other holidaymakers making their way back, marking the end of school holidays. No kids, more young adults? Things were looking up, I supposed. I conveniently forgot I was traveling with two (or four, if you count the ones that haven’t fully matured).

We alighted at the first stop, one of the hotels that I can’t remember. As I stepped off I was greeted with a gust of cold wind brushing past my face. Not chilly or uncomfortable, but welcoming. I loved the weather. Were it part of Singapore I would have moved there, somehow.

As it were, we weren’t staying there. Made our way through a network of escalators and walkways to Hotel Theme Park instead, which was, as you guessed it, just next to Genting Theme Park. I remembered the place. Entering the lobby I was greeted with the mechanised animal display to my left, which clearly had seen better days. It still worked, mind you. Just that in modern times, nobody really paid much attention to it.

Right at the end of the corridor, good for making an escape should the need arise, haha.

The bedroom. That's my stick of gum on the single bed.

My favourite spot.

I love staying at hotels. Who doesn’t? I haven’t associated them as one-stop destinations for sex, drugs, stake-outs or whatever, so I did all I could to enjoy my stay there. Since I have a disappointing bathroom at home (which thankfully has efficient water-heating or I’d go mad) I like to see what others have. Yes, if I’ve been to your home before I definitely have checked out the bathroom, but no don’t get weird ideas. The hotel had one that was basic as it could be but man did I have a blast, haha. Especially the fact that the water taps all had heating. Great for facial care regimes. Oh, my face thoroughly enjoyed the weather too. Much drier and clear over there.

It was mid-afternoon after we had settled in. Soon set off to explore immediate vicinities and more importantly, places to eat.

People Watching
I spent a great majority of my time at Genting observing other people. Myself?

This took incredible effort. I rarely take photos of myself.

Right, so there was a nice mix of ethnicity going around but there were mostly Chinese. Mainland, Singaporean/Malaysian, Hongkongers and what I suspected to be Taiwanese. Not that I mind. On the contrary, really.

Second in terms of representation were of course the Malays. They too came from various nations in the region. And all manner of foreigners you can expect. Quite a number of Israelis it seemed, must have been a tour group that I saw.

So basically it was a very diverse spot. Which was great since, to be specific, I was girl-watching primarily, haha. Which brings me to a point I must address.

I am highly appreciative of girls wearing shorts. Legs on display is always a nice thing. Are they impervious to cold though? Almost everywhere I went I would always see one sporting such attire. Irregardless of being indoor or out. Sometimes they’re paired with black pantyhose (I approve!). Sometimes there’s even a jacket, usually in the form of a hoodie. But what about the legs! It perplexes me. This is true with skirts as well, but they were a rare sight, with the exception of a pair of girls I’ll refer to in another section. Could anyone offer me truly enlightening insight?

Singaporeans were easy to identify. Aside from looks and manners, clothing too gave them away. Some were wearing slippers. At least wear sandals, come on. Since we’re on footwear, there was this one lady who was nicely dressed. Nothing fancy, she was keeping it casual but it looked good. Then I saw the… things that encased her feet.


Some twisted, malformed demon of all things vile roars away in delight in it’s hellish cove. Surely it was the inventor of Crocs, for whoever made them in the first place cannot possibly be amongst humans. Angels of all things nice weep every time a pair of Crocs are worn. Oh how they weep. Why did you think it rained so much in the region lately? They were crying, so much so that it spilled from the heavens in an effort to cleanse the Earth of Crocs.

Please, think of the angels.
Save your soul.
Stop wearing Crocs.
…no, we don’t care how comfortable they are.

There were very few of the smart-casual brethren. Most of whom I nodded at approvingly (not that they noticed anyway). There were a number of those in their late-teens wearing blazers, but it was of the very casual sort. I’m not entirely sure what to call the style, just that it was a very… visual look? Complete with dyed hair and skinny clothes.

What’s with skinny these days anyway? It’s nice but don’t take things too far. Sometimes I feel like grabbing their arms and see if they break. And personally, when it comes to the ladies, take it in moderation. Curves are a gift. I quote, “If I wanted to date a woman who looked like a ten-year-old boy, I’d go date a ten-year-old boy.” It was funny when I heard it at the time but it’s a little disturbing now.

Hoodies ruled the land, if anything. Hell I was wearing one too, of Abercrombie & Fitch descent. The words were so big on the label I kept noticing it every time I put it on. One wearers caught my eye. It was black with red polka dots which were just the right size. To top-it off, the girl (duh) had braces. Which really look appealing on some people, in my opinion. Haha.

Had chicken rice for dinner. It wasn’t that fantastic but the place offered a good view of passing human traffic.

Part Un


5 thoughts on “The Highlands (Part Deux)

  1. If the girls were wearing boots and shorts, the boots will surprisingly keep you warm. Trust me, I know cause I wear shorts and boots during winter ~!

    Some tights are like those heating kinda thingums, cant remember the proper term ^^;; hehe. But if you have tights and a pair of warm shoes, you’ll be fine most of the time ~

    Loved what you said about those damn crocs!!
    So quoting that in my blog HAHAH.

  2. @narikodesu:
    Hmm, not all them but some were. Shorts and boots during winter?! Epic win please, haha.

    Yeah I figured maybe they were heat-retentive or something along those lines. But I guess it’s all in the shoes, huh. Guess I’ll try sometime, haha, thanks!

    Hahaha, spa shoes should remain in spas. Down with Crocs!

  3. Truth be told, I wore Crocs before. Bright yellow ones… Oh how comfy they were. I even wore them to school with another classmate! So comfy… It was like stepping on air. No blisters and sweaty feet etc.

    They just look hideous, but they’re truly comfy!

  4. @Amanda:
    Oh I know how comfortable Crocs can be, and perfectly understand their appeal in humid Singapore. I just don’t like seeing them outside one’s home, haha. They were originally invented as spa shoes before becoming Crocs, so keep them indoors!

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