The Highlands (Part Trois)

Towards Part 3! Looks like I’ll make this four parts; I’m gonna run out of pics for the last entry since the bulk of it is here, haha. So not much writing on my part, I’ll save it for the next.

What this post covers:
-Theme Park

「太陽は昇る (The Sun Rises) – Piano Arrangement」
Composed by Rei Kondoh
Arranged and performed by Mika Matsūra
Ōkami Piano Arrangement (2007)

Comments: I love Ōkami. Every aspect of it, from storytelling to game design and then there’s the soundtrack. I know it sounds weird to most casual gamers to hear praise about a video game; which is why Ōkami stands out. It’s of my favourite soundtracks really, amongst Chrono Cross at the top of my list. I wish every time I visit the local PlayStation forums that I’ll hear news of a HD-remastered Okami. Alas, the genius minds from the studio, Clover, closed down. I’d hunt down an original copy but I do not have a PS2 any longer. It’s one of the reasons why I honestly consider getting a Wii. On an unrelated note I’m glad to hear PS3 owners can look forward to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, those two were epic games as well.

This particular title left an indelible impression on me when I first heard it. My throat chokes up thinking about it, haha. It plays during the final battle, between Amaterasu and Yami. This is of course, the piano version of it and not the original. They’re both great and hell, here it is if you want to listen to it instead, haha. (It’s not 9mins long, only 5.)

「太陽は昇る (The Sun Rises)」
Composed by Rei Kondoh
Ōkami Original Soundtrack (2006) – Disc 4

Here’s to Good Friday and an upcoming Easter to all those who celebrate :)

Theme Park
Genting Theme Park is pretty big. Well to me mostly, compared to what I get in Singapore. I didn’t really enjoy the rides as much as I should. I actually took all of them without holding onto rail, grab-holds or whatsoever. My hands were in the air pretty much all of the time, haha, except for the Corkscrew roller-coaster where it wasn’t allowed. Simply because for a man who wants to go skydiving, these rides weren’t enough kick, haha. (If I could sit in an orbital drop pod though, I’d take that over skydiving any day.)

We were there for a few days in a row, something I wouldn’t do since it gets you bored very quickly. On the third day I brought my camera along with me but didn’t take much for a number of reasons.

I hate the ferris wheel's placement here. I just wanted the sign mostly, I like dinosaurs.

I forgot to turn on my ND filter, plainly obvious here.

Why this statue of man was placed at the entrance to Dino-Land is beyond me.

Anyone up for some ribs?

Happy with this one because it's my first time setting up and waiting for a shot. Got it nicely.

Tried a different approach.

Just some patterns. Yes I was waiting at the Go-Kart area for a long time, haha.

The ride gets boring after a while, I know.

Finally the clouds coming in. I always imagined them to be fluffy and soft.

Tight corners. Stupid pole, it was a nice spot.

More rolling in. That Energizer wasn't there before.

My brother, which was why I was waiting. Only U-Turn on the track, which you can do while the pedal is still floored haha.

Slowing down.

Keeping it litter-free.

Reach for the sky~

Heading up

Yum, humans!

The Space Shot. Not very... spacey.

I like this one. Stairs going down but may seem like you're going up.

Ferris wheel, which I didn't take

I admit... something about stairs that appeals to me photographically, haha.

Tea cup. I would have filled it with my vomit had I rode it, haha.

An attempt to get a shot of three theme rides

Walk beyond the tree and you'd tumble down a cliff!

Prizes for a game

Cheap photo of a photo. See, no hands, lol.

Oh look, another one.

I would go to the Theme Park again with friends. It is affordable to make the trip there, not forgetting the ticket prices itself. First up would be Universal Studios Singapore though. Kinda pricey given the attractions available, but it’s new. Better go there before the rest of RWS is open and tourists start pouring in.

I’m sure you noticed, but the colour rendition of these set of photographs are horrible. They look much better in Adobe. Actually it has always been the case when I export to JPEG, but previously the original files were Canon RAW and the exports weren’t too bad. This were originally shot in JPEG and the exports are… ugh.

If anything they always turn out darker, and here the blacks and shadows are haywire in some. I figured it was a result of less dynamism from JPEGs but when I open them in another Adobe program, they look fine. I’m suspecting it has to do with colour profiles between Adobe and the rest of Windows, but it gets technical and I was too frustrated to continue then. Perhaps its my monitor’s calibration. It’s decent enough but nothing serious was done. I need a Spyder calibration device for this.

Gah. Here I am still working on getting the shots and post-pro comes around from behind and stabs me. I’ll experiment the next time round, I want to continue with my Japanese lessons for today.

The Highlands (Part Un)
The Highlands (Part Deux)


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