The Highlands (Part Quatre)

OK, time to wrap things up. I have other things I want to write about, haha. I actually keep a list of topics to write about in my phone. I can’t take too long or I’ll forget them, so let’s hurry with the whole holiday arc, haha. Apologies for walls of text. I’m long winded some times :(

What this post covers:
-Epic lewt

「I Go Crazy Because Of You」
Absolute First Album (Repackage) (2010)
Mnet Media

Comments: I’m going to say a lot about this one, haha. Yes another South-Korean girl group; all that’s left for me to feature is After School but that’s for another time. T-ara huh. With regards to this track I’m sure it’ll draw comparison with a certain Western singer because I did too.

I like the song, especially how it starts off before settling into a easy groove. I’m a little mixed over their use of certain phrases in English. I’m most familiar with SNSD but from what I understand for this song, the lead singer doesn’t get a lot of lines. Understandable since its mostly made up of verses delivered via rap. Is it me or does this seem to be a shared theme across all four groups? Overall impression is… I liek.

I do have a beef with the MV though. Personally I didn’t like the direction. The intro with the classroom setting intermittent with the soundstage worked great before it all fell apart. (No, not simply because they were wearing uniforms… but hey that’s a bonus, haha.) Zooms, fast cuts, flashes of light. Sorry, doesn’t work for me. I’d like to point out I’ve been watching my own copy in HD; the one on YouTube seems a little choppy across all versions, or it’s just my FF choking up. Then there’s the choreography. I watched the live version too (Music Bank) and didn’t really like it either. There were backup dancers as well though they weren’t too distracting. I can see that they’ve got the whole sexy thing going on but… hm. I prefer Kara’s and SNSD’s.

All in all it’s a nice song, great effort. Shall have to wait and see how they’ll tackle their next single. …and that teacher is hot. Why didn’t we get hot Math teachers? Hahaha. Sunny~

We didn’t really do much of other activities. There was Snow World, where I suffered thoroughly to my elemental weakness: freezing temperatures. Visited also Ripley’s attractions, namely the Haunted House as well as the Believe It Or Not! displays.

The former wasn’t scary at all. Hell I felt right at home at the beginning, with the skulls oozing out of the walls plastered all over the place. That didn’t last long however, and it became mostly scare tactics attempts, which were definitely dialed down due to the presence of children. The latter was far more interesting, on an educational level. It does surprise me to know that some of the artifacts on display were the actual pieces and not copies.

On the last night went to see a performance titled Dazzle.

Great performances with dance segments thrown into the mix. I have to admit that along with most people, I didn’t really get the whole “Invisible Man” act. His later act featuring hand-shadows was much better. Also, unsurprisingly, the whole reluctance to clap was prevalent there as well, limiting themselves only to the ones at the end of the performance. I don’t get it, honestly. It’s obvious where the breaks in an act are. They strike a pose or bow. Usually, one would give brief applause. I’m not going to detail it for it’s so obvious. Conservatism at work, perhaps?

There was this one act, with the whole fast-clothes-changing. You know the one, very popular. Well this particular one I saw was blazing fast, it was mind-boggling. The last time I saw such acts, there is like a second-or-two pause whenever they bring up the cover or something similar right? There was none in this. Wave, swoosh, done, I’ll be damned. Another act, a magic show featuring umbrellas was amazing. Something original and no doubt very, very colourful. There was another one that was very entertaining, for it involved crowd interaction. Very contemporary with enjoyable presentation. Good stuff.

Oh yes I also caught two movies during my stay there. They were like SGD$5. If that were the cost locally, I’d watch them in cinemas more often. Nowadays, I rather watch them at home. You have far more control over environmental factors though you do lose out in terms of the cinematic feel. I look forward to the day movie rentals have a good Blu-Ray collection. That or when I came across a fortune and build a home with my own theater, haha.

I digress. First movie I caught was Alice In Wonderland. It was Tim Burton and freaking Alice In Wonderland. I had high hopes. How sorely disappointed I was. It was nice to see them tackle it from a different approach, as a sequel rather than an interpretation. It ended up losing out a lot in terms of storyline, really. It just didn’t click with me. In fact it felt rather shallow. I love Alice In Wonderland, I even read the original version by “Lewis Carroll”. The full title is Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, if you didn’t know. Was a very enjoyable read, more so than the modern revisions.

I didn’t watch it in 3D. I never liked it as a kid and seeing it being revived now is meh, for I find it more of a gimmick rather than a serious contribution to movie storytelling. Uses for it I can see would be in CG animations. Good example being Disney/Pixar’s UP! It helps with depth and it’s a constant factor throughout the whole show. Not “ooooh look out it’s going to hit me!” nonsense. That would fit more in IMAX rides and such.

Nonetheless, it is a visual splendour. If there’s one thing I like, visually, then I’ll have to go with Alice’s dresses. I have a thing for dresses. Maybe I should talk about it sometime. The Mad Hatter is one of the highlights of the show and I like the make-up, especially the eyes, but I’ll have to give it to the Cheshire Cat. C’mon, he’s freaking awesome. The score to the movie was nice but I didn’t really notice the themes. It was a visually nice show and I’ll give credit for the approach but compared to Burton’s previous movie, this cannot stand on it’s own.

The other movie I caught was Solomon Kane. The first few minutes of the movie and it started to seem cheap. Until the Grim Reaper appeared. I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie in cinemas that featured religious faith (disregarding the gaming medium of course, with the titles of late) so it was a nice welcome, really got my attention. It had a decent story to it and after forty-five to an hour into the movie, I predicted, correctly, the rest of the show. Fairly obvious but still entertaining. I don’t see it being advertised locally but then again I don’t really follow theater schedules much. Is it worth watching? Hard to say I admit, but if you can then I don’t see why not. It won’t be something you’ll leave feeling regret. Don’t expect to feel satisfied either.

OT: There are shows I want to watch right now. The Lovely Bones, Diary Of A Whimpy Kid and upcoming Ip Man 2. I’ll slap anyone I catch saying “eye-pee man” again. But ah… perhaps another time. Perhaps when the BD is released etc.

Epic Lewts LOL
I had wanted to spend on clothes or accessories but I didn’t see anything that caught my eye. What did catch my eye, however, was this salesgirl at The Body Shop. Now I did have a few things I wanted to buy but only intended to do so in Singapore. Barely any price differences. I was just taking a look around when she approached and well… uhh… >_>

That is only half of the stuff I bought. If you’re wondering these are just tea tree oil-based facial products. Once my face improves I can switch to seaweed, yay. I must say the 10-Year-War battlefield that is my face improved tremendously over at Genting. Due to the weather, no doubt. My homie Sean says his skin got it great when he was in Aussie as well, so thank you equilateral, tropical Singapore and haywire oil glands.

So being the happy shopper I was, decided to send a complimentary email to thank them for their service when I got back. Of the three or four The Body Shops I’ve been to in Singapore… decent but incomparable, and I’m not being biased due to salesgirl whose name I couldn’t spell in the end because it was Chinese.


The gods of retail have a good sense of humour, as I found out the next day. I came across shops that had some clothes and bags I wanted to buy. But I blew my budget already so all I could do was congratulate said retail gods for a fine job, make a mental note of the store the next time I visited and leave.

I’m currently finishing up what’s left of my charcoal men’s face wash stuff. I notice it leaves my face dry more so than the tea tree stuff that lies in wait in my cupboard. The exfoliant… whoa, thank the Emperor for moisturizers. Which reminds me I hadn’t got one in Genting, so shall do so locally some time.

I also wanted to get a temporary tattoo since I saw the stall at the theme park. I had the intention of having the Chaos sigil on the back of my neck (because barcodes are so passé) but turns out they only had stencils to work with. I should have known better. In the end I did get something Warhammer 40K related.

Ha-har, chapter symbol of the Imperial Fists! OK, so it’s not a gauntlet but it gets the message across, haha. Wax impression of my fist. Dipping it into the semi-hot liquid wax was fun. (It being my fist, don’t get weird ideas.) Multiple times. Heh. Imagine the horror I discovered when I got home, checked online and discovered that I used the wrong hand. Should have been my left fist…

BUT like I said, gets the message across so yeah.

And Malaysian papers have WTD comics!


So I’ve got an infection, waiting for it to mostly clear up so I can leave the house. Got worse for a while, despite my efforts at keeping it dry. Seemed like it was one step away from full blown bleeding sores. Funny how this is the second time I’ve got it. In my entire life. Thank you army for introducing foot infections to me…

I shall purge all my socks in hot, disinfectant-laced water.

In other news, I need to go out and take photos!

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