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I present to you a new category post: the filler. I intend to keep the posts tagged with “Blog” to be more coherent, presenting an idea or thought rather than what immediately comes off the top of my head. Like now. It’s also the time when I put up whatever screencaps I took, videos of interest etc. Can’t be bothered to go about re-tagging the old ones so here we go.

「オメデトウ」 [Omedetou]
mihimaru GT
オメデトウ (2010)
Universal Music Japan

Comments: This may come as a surprise to some but I’ve never really listened to mihimaru GT until recently. Started with their mihimalogy album and then I saw this PV earlier today. The single will be released later this month. I know that singles determine a song’s popularity but I just cannot bring myself to like them compared to full albums.

This track started off deceptively for me. It quickly caught my interest though, just after a minute. I’ve always found it hard to describe music in words. It’s very subjective but there is, of course, a generally agreed mood or feel to it. I’m fond of the melody, light but powerful enough to drive the lyrics across. The strings are expressive when needed and the drums and bass flow along smoothly, enticing you to tap along with the music.

I can’t make out nor understand most of the lyrics, but I understand enough of it to know the PV is fitting for the most part. Nothing overly ambitious about it, very simple and effective. I really like how the bus ride is central to the theme as well, especially since it seems to be set in the countryside. Being in modern times and in Singapore, one would be hard-pressed to be able to familiarise oneself with a particular bus route for a majority of his or her life. I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing their next release. If their other tracks draw me in as well as this one, they just might have got themselves a new fan.

Long commentary, huh.

To prove my point of this being utterly random, let me divulge why I prefer Plurk over Twitter. The revelation occurred to me early this afternoon as I was going through my online-ritual of news gathering. Timeline presentation. Compared to Plurk, Twitter is just so messy. It’s the reason why I abandoned it shortly after creating it months ago.

I do see the appeal in Twitter though. Unlike my Facebook, which can rot and burn for all I care, Twitter is by far a more entertaining read. Status updates from both friends and personalities whom you will rarely if not never meet is the main factor. I’ve come to learn that Hideo Kojima is a very entertaining man. The quirks of the genius behind Metal Gear show up not just in his games but in his tweets as well. The recent press event for Peace Walker as well as the whole oxygen chamber event was plain fun to read. There’s also Hideki Kamiya, genius behind Okami and the first (and only good) Devil May Cry who appears to love the site. His tweets are like waves of text but he responds to fan queries and comments.

It’s also a RSS feed of sorts, the only difference being that they give that hint of human touch. Highly ironic, coming from me, but it helps. I used to get bored using RSS readers until I just gave them up after a certain point. I now get interesting updates a lot more often. Having so much information to sift through has its downsides, especially with regards to time. Something we’re all short of.

Life is way too short. Medical attempts to prolong life is exempt; it’s a waste of time for all you do is lie in a hospital bed. You’re better off dead. I won’t detail the failings of a human, or rather, an organic body, of which time is highly adept at wearing out. Think about it. What we perceive as life is simply a learning experience, a quest for knowledge. And then where will all that knowledge go? I am not addressing what happens after you die either, it is irrelevant.

Imagine what we could achieve were we able to live twice our lifespan. Discounting factors such as diseases and ailments stemming from old age, we’d be able to advance technologically at a far faster rate. On average, one reaches their peak of proficiency at fifty. Three decades of education, two of experience. Contributions to fields of research would be far more productive since those minds wouldn’t wither away two to three decades later.

Culturally we’d life very differently for it’ll change so many things. There are too many aspects to it that it’d be ridiculous for me to attempt to do delve into them now, since I’m simply typing as I go. It’s an interesting point to consider.

We will have to implement population control, of course. It’s why I think humans are aggressive in nature, to keep our numbers in check. Topic for another time maybe.

Peek Ture
Don’t want filler posts too long, so I shall stop my chain of thought here.

Raining again, to my delight.

Brunch. Awesome toast and tea. I had some rice and mostly vegetables for dinner.

Where am I supposed to keep this crap, seriously...

My FFXIII screensaver, for lack of something better to use instead.

Lightning's leg looks weird here.

In the midst of my language lessons. Feels weird writing characters, but hiragana is friendly.

One of the most fun games. Finally found time to complete and reach 50.

Capped off Twitter. When I saw how it got posted up it cracked me up.

I liek the last line, haha.

Seems challenging, but meh. They don't make hard games like they used to. Two decades ago things were impossible!

And I top this off with a photo of my foot infection. Just the side, not my sole. It’s healed a lot and I can walk decently, so I can finally leave the house on Saturday! Wearing footwear out prior to today would have been… unbearable. It bled a bit hence the scab.

WARNING. Nothing serious, but nothing pretty either.

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