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I am very pleasantly surprised by how The Devil Wears Prada turned out! It’s a gem of a movie waiting for me to have gotten round to watching it. So much so here’s a short post about it, haha.

I’ve heard good things about the movie and have been meaning to watch it. Since like… oh, I dunno three years back? I had watched Drunken Master II earlier in the evening (definitely one of Jackie Chan’s more memorable films; the things he does are sick! The possibilities of youth, haha.) I didn’t intend on watching another movie but I figured “what the hell”. It was a toss-up between this and another title, eventually deciding on this as I wanted something light.

Turned out to be more than that. Meryl Streep really does give an amazing performance as Miranda. She manages to breathe humanity in a character that is as cold as ice on Pluto. Not once did I liken Miranda to a devil, as per the film’s namesake. I was really fond of her character by the end of the movie: whispery voice*, catchphrases, cold unapproachable demeanor and a demanding manner greater than royalty. The one trait that I absolutely relish, however, has to be the fear she projects. Blind, gut-wrenching panic! (I would enjoy commanding that sort of presence.) To top it off, she does it all effortlessly.

Anne Hathaway was a really likeable protagonist. Fresh graduate, journalist, what’s not to like? On a more serious note, watching her character develop through the story was enjoyable. Highly predictable, but enjoyable. My favorite montage, if not favourite SCENE of the entire film, has to be her makeover. Yes pretty clothes but it was the camerawork that grabbed me. The transitions were so smooth, I simply had to watch it again immediately; the benefits of watching at home.

Not forgetting the supporting cast of course. Emily Blunt has a lovely English accent, which I find fitting as the catty assistant. Simon Baker took me completely by surprise. I’m a great fan of his from watching The Mentalist, a topic of writing for another day. It was a little refreshing to see him play someone of different character. I noticed Heidi Klum as well. Any other fashion contemporaries present I admit to not recognizing. I do know of the name Patrick Demarchelier though. I only learned of him just this year in an attempt to expand my knowledge of iconic photographers and he is definitely someone any person into photography SHOULD know.

The storyline works for me. It’s simple yet thoughtful. How accurate a picture of the fashion industry it paints, I obviously do not know but it’s believable enough for me: vicious! I must say it’s done a great job of making work seem off-putting, haha. Office politics is detestable. From my observation, it has always been the case where the jobs people love doing have more heart and less money.

What career path will you take? We only have this one life to live.

I’m disappointed that they dropped the Extras in the Blu-Ray version of the movie. I enjoy watching those, so Emperor help me when I get around to Lord of the Rings. At the very least there is a commentary track, which I feel like going through right now. The time is 3:51AM though. I’m sure most of you have watched this movie, but if you haven’t, please do so!

*Yes, I really have a thing for voices. Warrants another mention. There’s something special about them. Don’t you think so?

If you noticed, no song accompaniment to this post. Would have broken the flow of things. Also because it’s after midnight and I’m lazy.

Scroll down if you’re 18 and above.


Hah, got you! It’s nothing really, there isn’t even any nudity. It’s on YouTube for crying out loud. Just two Japanese dudes trying to play a game while virtual desktop girls dance on screen for the simple sake of laughs and giggles. Those virtual girls… people actually buy that crap? It’s so bad. Webcams are far hotter. If by any chance you’re offended by this (highly unlikely) then… don’t watch it. Simple, non?


2 thoughts on “That’s All

  1. @narikodesu:
    I had to Google her up, haha. Yeah it’s definitely one of my favourites! So I’ll be watching it again in a couple of years time :p

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