Burning In The Light

Nope, not in any mood to write this week. Here’s just some pictures to bowl you over until the next week.

“Make Me Wanna Die”
The Pretty Reckless
Make Me Wanna Die (2010)
Interscope Records

Comments: Heard it in Kick-Ass movie, which is one of the things I’ll be writing about another time. The music was pretty much kick-ass as well. I know I mentioned in the previous post for something more “masculine” but I’m feeling this song right now, so yeah, haha, there you go.

I, too, like many others, am glad Taylor Momsen wasn’t chosen for Hannah Montana. Girl got talent. Though I stopped watching Gossip Girl cos I got bored. Like Heroes. Nonetheless, awesome song.

Sudden need to take this in the middle of the night, about 3-4AM.

Need rubber?

I will own a pair of Tod's shoes, just like I will own a Leica. Time will come. Really, really comfortable.

Sunny in recent Shanghai concert.

Bought this at Compass Point last week. Yummy. Only eight sachets though.

Gensomaden Saiyuki! One of the first few animes I used to watch on AXN. Didn't know they had a PS1 game.

Azumanga Daioh had one too! And it's mahjong, haha.

If I was a Pokemon trainer, this is what I'd look like. One of those bored nights, saw the post somewhere. Kotaku I think.

And the female version. I wasn't intrigued enough to go beyond simple colour schemes.

Sunny proving that headphones + girls = win.

Twitter is awesome by the way. I still hate the messy look, though. I also desperately need a new harddrive. I’m running out of new movies to watch. Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, need to go spend at Kinokuniya too. More WH40K stuff and maybe a manga or two. Need to practice my Japanese. Wonder when I’ll start learning kanji, lol.

And I will be visiting UNIQLO for the first time this month! Only because they’ll be having Peace Walker T-shirts, hell yeah.

CLICK -> Made from 100% awesome. <- CLICK

I wanna get the Militaires Sans Frontiers, the Che look-alike and the Peace Walker symbol. Sweet. I hope they're not too pricey.


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