Rainy April

It’s been raining a lot these days. I love it. I am, of course, not under any illusion as to the weather capable of indulging in melodrama, but I like to think so anyway. The idea that someone out there is so stricken with grief and despair that the heavens reflect the sorrow. A little poetic, no? Come on, admit it: you like it when you’re feeling down and it’s raining heavily.

Thunder and lightning never ceases to amuse me. I can very easily see how ‘angry’ is used as an adjective for bad weather, and hence, how earlier human civilizations came to fear it. In fact, we still do. It’s a preconditioned response for us to fear storms, but in our safe living environments we eventually grow out of it. Given the right conditions, it’s obvious how notions of some sort of displeased god came to fruition. Also interesting is how the relation between storms and divinity is a common occurrence across dozens of cultures irregardless of time.

The elements are a powerful thing and I greatly respect them. We may be able to shield ourselves from most of it, but currently we humans still live in the shadow of nature’s strength. For all our technological advances, we are a fragile lot.

If you were expecting a continuation of the topic then I’m afraid I must disappoint this time. Frankly that’s all I had in mind for it, haha. I’m grateful that the weather is nice and cool because of it but my room gets annoyingly dark when it does. Darkness, hmm. Shall do another short topic on that. Or on preconditioned responses perhaps; it’s a very intriguing subject. Genetic information determines so many things.

“What Do You Do For Money Honey”
Back In Black (1980)
Albert/Atlantic Records

Comment: If there’s one thing I like about the Iron-Man movies, it’s the promotion of AC/DC and the assertion that it’s a band fueled by the universal elements of awesome rock and roll. Show some respect to an influential musical powerhouse, kids. Then again, I agree with one particular YouTube comment by crissle1: “I’m not sure if it’s physically possible to not like AC/DC”

‘Physically’ wouldn’t be the appropriate term to use here, but well said good sir, well said.

Note that most of the pictures featured here were taken with my mobile, a HTC Magic. Clearly I am not used to the long focusing times, so apologies for most of them being out of focus. And yes I know the iPhone has a great camera but I don’t regard it as a phone for reasons of my own.

I went for a haircut earlier in the day since it was getting a little too thick to handle.


If you’re wondering how it looks like now, then just imagine it being less thicker, honestly. I went to this hairdresser Ken told me about which was within walking distance of my place. So I headed there shortly after waking at 10AM; I’m aiming to eventually wake up at 9AM on a usual day.

Should have brought my camera out, but I wasn’t expecting to spend some time out. It’s a neighborhood hairdresser, nothing fancy. The queue did surprise me a little since it was a Monday morning. “So perhaps it is more credible than I suspected,” I thought. Didn’t have to wait long as the guys before me were waiting for something. I was clearly language handicapped in that situation*, so kept my request simple: shorter hair. Cut, rinse, blow-dry and styled. All for $10, which is cool. I’m not in any need to pay a higher price for a haircut anyway, only when I find myself going out on a daily basis i.e. work.

*When I’m decent enough with Japanese, or… *gasp* good at it, I might learn Mandarin. Whenever that is.

Also, I get nervous during haircuts. I kid you not. Not fear (puh-lease), just a little more… aware than I should be. Getting a haircut is a comforting experience, naturally due to all the nerve endings present. Thanks to my reading of unfortunate accidents online backed up by photographic evidence and my wonderful imagination (it’s like a whole different world in my head), you can imagine why I just can’t settle into the whole affair. Reminds me of the camp hairdresser, who works very cautiously. Everyone agrees so. Very, very unsettling every time I had to go visit her…

So there, tying me to a chair and giving me a haircut would be a good way to get me a little nervous. Just in case I become all-powerful and rule the universe and you guys need to stop my genocide or something. You know. /shrug

The Greatest taking on the Man of Steel

I do not see what all the fuss over soccer is. I’m glad my buddies don’t follow it either, else I’d have to put up with it. I’ve mentioned before, the only sport I’d take part in is paintball, but me and sport would be like global peace. Won’t happen. I do have a passive interest in boxing though. One man pitted against another. And there’s so much more to it than what meets the eye. Granted, this is true of all sports and I only got interested thanks to an anime, but it’s still great. I’d like to familiarise myself with boxing and MMA. The different world boxing groups together with UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the one that catches my attention more, PFC (Pride Fighting Championship) are things that I haven’t been able to invest time and resources though.

Oh as for that picture, I saw it in a magazine at Kinokuniya.

"RwlRwlRwlRwl!!" So cute, so annoying.

I actually like instant noodles. Cooked right they can be nice!

…yeah who am I kidding, I’m going to die early, haha. I’m hoping that once I’m able to start cooking (I refuse to in current kitchen) I’d be able to reduce these to a monthly thing. Was recommended to try these noodles out so I shall, someday. Still wondering what to add to them when I do.

I want to try baby food.

Or rather, eat it since I did try it decades ago. Say what you will, but I’ve had a craving for baby food for the longest time ever. I get the impression that it’s like, super tasty or something. How can you go wrong with apple and banana?! I never did buy them, I have no idea why. They are safe for adults right? Haha.

My quest loot.

My meal.

I say meal because I’m eating only one per day, supplemented with biscuits in the picture above that. I shall not eat rice this week and live off vegetables and some bits of meat and/or fish. I don’t see the point of taking in so much energy when I barely expend them. I finished off the seaweed sheets the night I got them. Will now ration the biscuits and crackers over the rest of the week since they are my supplements. Crackers seem interesting; they are lightly coated with pepper. Would be great going with cheese I believe, but cheese is high-content and would defeat the whole purpose. I have a salsa dip if I ever need it. Tomatoes are healthy!

What’s the worst that could happen to me? At most I’d just pass out for a while and I doubt that will ever happen. Why am I so conscious, I hear you ask? I’m sick of home food that is saturated in oil and spices. Every single day.

I lol'd when I read this. Discussion was on stuff that changed gaming or something like that.

I will now end with a rant.

I like being direct. At times, I am painfully direct. You might scoff at this because this has never been the case, right? Well it only applies to work. I’ve gotten in trouble during my be-the-nation’s-bitch period for being ‘tactless’. Look, I do not care if what I say offends you or wasn’t preceded by subtlety. Bullshit. I’m not writing non-fiction or talking to a lover; intricacies of speech do not apply here. I’m telling you my opinion or asking for what I want. Yes or no suffices. If you feel hurt or offended by something simple as that then you’re a little sheltered spitfuck who can’t take shit. Don’t play civilised; civility is just an illusion. And don’t bring up the issue of respect; it is given where it is due and you sure as hell did not earn mine. The only real time one would need tact would be dealing with a situation where lives are on the line, not in a work environment and born out of fear of negative repercussions.

I know this won’t play to my favour when it comes to work politics, but I detest it anyway. And yes, I will make that fact obvious.

But on second thought, I need to finish this off on a happy note, haha. Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2 releases this week! I hope both live up to expectations brought on by their predecessors, or dare I say, exceed expectations! Happy Mayo is happy. うれしい です!


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    • @Amanda: It was better than the other phones I’ve tried, haha. Not bad given its specs lah. Next version has flash thankfully.

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