Bloody Hell

If you follow my Plurk, you would be aware of my plight. I have no link to the internet world since late Apr but it doesn’t bother me much, only the lack of productivity.

I’m not surpised by the slow response in tackling it either; it’s apparently a common practice here. But I’m not here to post my lamentations.

Lack of formatting so I’ll do my best to keep this a short entry:

(1) Iron Man 2 = decent sequel. Doesn’t match the glory of the first but it’s not exactly bad either. Watched it twice for a better evaluation, doesn’t change my impression. Does the job of setting up for the upcoming Thor and eventually Avengers movies.

(2) Ip Man 2 = highly disappointing. They already were stretching things in the first but it was still acceptable. This is just horrible. Story was formulaic and simple. Plot development cheapened to the point of irritation. No, the fights couldn’t save it either. Good displays of course but… ugh.

(3) Comic. I bought one after nearly a decade. I used to buy issues back in primary school, mostly Spider-Man but the ads in it and closure of my usual haunt put an end to the hobby. I kept brief tabs here and there since but nothing too serious. I mentioned some in my blog last year too. Recently got myself the Daredevil Noir hardcover. I shall take this slow. I like my dark, human vigilante characters*.

(4) I’ve been on a little personal project*. Daryl knows about it I suppose. I vaguely mentioned it in Twitter. I’m still in the midst of getting the bulk of content but it’s been smooth. Not as polished as it could be but I don’t want to spend too much time on it. It’ll appear when it’s time.

(4b) Of personal projects, I have no idea where my barely-started novel went to. I think it’s gone. I went about three chapters deep including prologue, still busy establishing things. I stopped because it reflected too much of my personal life and never got round to it although ideas popped up now and then. I’ll redo it sometime. Definitely not within these next five years or so.

(5) Sweet anger. I believe a combination of my recent diet*, loss of online productivity as well as being at home more often these past few weeks has made me a very… volatile person. I’ve yet to break one of my room furniture or my fists but I just might. Blah blah edited out. I believe I’ve partly gone mad* quite some time ago but I haven’t broken any civil laws yet so yay to me.

(6) The weather. I hate it.

(7) Online social networks. Been ignoring them because doing all of it on a phone annoys me.

Right I have more points but I said I’d keep this “short”. Will post when I’m plugged back in.

* are topics for further expansion in near future.

Have a good week Mayonites.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Hell

  1. I agree that Ip Man 2 was highly disappointing. I thought Ip Man 1 was good, but 2 was just crap. It was too focussed on the relationships… Donnie Yen will not return in Ip Man 3 since the focus will be on Bruce Lee.
    Anyway did you watch D13: Ultimatum? Another disappointing one, sigh!

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