Look who’s back.

“My Stupid Mouth”
John Mayer
Room For Squares (2001)
Aware, Columbia

Comment: I like John Mayer, ’nuff said. I know there are people who either love or hate him as a person (riiiight) but I couldn’t care less and just enjoy his music. As I always do. That said, I like both his old and current genres.

One would imagine I’d have lots of things to write about having been away for Emperor knows how long, but truth is I don’t. I have 105 new emails in my Hotmail (I always check Gmail) and 36 torrents waiting for me to start on excluding my anime. That’s about all I did when I got back online, really. Only got to fully reacquaint myself with things earlier this evening. I do have ideas for a few posts so I’ll just go with that in the coming days.

I’m still unemployed, hopped from one assignment to another. Well, only three actually. I need something full-time because I’m behind schedule already in getting savings for my studies next year. Oddly enough there haven’t been a lot of interesting job ads lately, compared to when I had just ORD.

Going to try my luck with pet stores. Yes it’s sales and service but I could overlook it I get to be with pets. Borders had no more vacancies and a few video game stores I had in mind didn’t seem to need the help. I could get a office job and probably be paid a few hundred more but that’s against what I believe in.

The bulk of this post shall go to photos. I went to the Garden of Fire arts installation, the opening display for the Singapore Arts Festival. Lots of young photographers (hmm), crazy hot temperatures (obviously) and dark (it was in the evening).

I hadn’t been using my camera much and it felt a little awkward, so the photos are nothing great. Clearly a sign of not dabbling enough in it the past few weeks.

I got bored one day and needed to see what I remembered. So you're looking at the end result. I didn't fix my chin studs and gave up trying to match the colours.

...corpse stew :(

I cut myself with my shaver. Yes, on my knuckle. Not everyday I get to see my own blood so I was very fascinated. Check out my pretty fingernails, lol.

On the way to Esplanade Park. We ended up taking the long way from Esplanade.

Hanging Gardens of Fire


One of the displays, pretty cool.

Flaming Chandelier?

A real fireball!

I bet if the grass had a voice, it'd be screaming in terror.

This display looked like a sine wave. Composition seemed cool at the time, not so right now.

One of the musical performers there; I heard there were others. The man's breathing fire!

The much shorter route from Esplanade Park which we-- oh Emperor that is one annoying background slant.

Couldn't leave without a cityscape, of course.

Much more human traffic than I expected.

My dinner that night. For a cheaply-priced dish it had a loooot of noodles :/

And of course the compulsory dirty joke when amongst fellow men.

My little project has come to a temporary stall because I’m too distracted with finding a job. (And Lost Planet 2, which I’m replaying on my own console. Oh and Red Dead Redemption which I haven’t got but is damn tempting.) I will finish it and shall release the first part when it’s done and see whether I’ll do so with the remainders. Here’s a little teaser shot, which is more than enough to tell you what I’m doing. Also because this is one of my favourites, haha.


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