Sing, Sing, Sing

I’ve mentioned it before, in this very blog no less, but I’ll say it again: Vocaloids are awesome. One of the reasons why I finally started to learn Japanese was because of it, to mingle with the Vocaloid community of songwriters and producers. It really has so much potential it’s staggering. Which then reminds me that my grasp of both Japanese and audio are so bare I might as well be a primary school student. But I don’t regret being more focused in visual aspects previously. I’d love to continue learning both of them, which would probably have me end up with taking a part-time course in the other. Hmm. Well, that is the plan anyway.

Awfully late into the game, aren’t I?

With every different voice having spawned into virtual idols, I’ve always wondered whether they’ll ever be used for something else. But I figure most likely not since some of the more passionate fans will probably take up arms over it.

In any case no I don’t intend on being a songwriter or music producer. Learning the entire process would be very useful though. Right now all I could probably do was set up the hardware, operate the mixer and audio editor and play The Sound of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi” on the keyboard, haha.

Old documentary on YouTube but I was wasting away two important years of my life in “service” then, so here it is with a more proper presentation. Scene of interest being the interview with Ryo-san at 3:40 onwards. There are subs under captions in case you didn’t know.


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