Magical Fingers

Yeah I like how that title sounds, haha :p

Anyway, my mouse has died. Yes sir/ma’am, my couple-of-years-old Razer Krait has kicked the peripheral bucket. All I get is a “USB device has malfunctioned…Windows does not recognize…blah blah blah” message and the cursor annoyingly right in the middle of the screen.

Apparently I was doing fine until I came across a few websites and programs, that weren’t fully keyboard friendly. If I could start up Windows, open my browser and get to the site and page with just my keyboard, why can’t I go that one step further? Bah.

In any case I know enough keyboard shortcuts to navigate around some websites. I’ll just resort to my mobile for other things. Times like these I figure a touch-screen monitor would be a lifesaver. I’d never use it on a daily basis but it’ll be a great backup if your mouse ever dies!


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