Shock And Awe

O hai guys :D

“NO, Thank You!”
Hokage Tea Time (K-ON!! Cast)
K-ON!! Ending Theme 2

Comments: When I resumed watching K-ON!! I was initially a little frustrated; it felt like a waste of time. Soon after, however, I started to get a feel for it. If you don’t expect to see them perform a lot and instead watch it like you would AzuDaioh or Lucky Star, it’s great. Besides, the girls are all so adorable, hah. If you thought the little anime geek in me had died off, then you are wrong! Sure I cut down the animu I’m watching by 90% compared to three or four years ago but some things just don’t die.

But that’s besides the point. This is, very easily, my favourite ED of the lot. For starters they look good, dumping the whole themed-look which wasn’t really working for me, choosing instead to go with their uniforms. (And Mio… that hoody outfit is doing wonders to my aging heart ahaha) Musically it’s matured and is to me, better than “Don’t Say Lazy”! Despite it’s main story, good music is what I’ve come to expect from the opening and ending of the show.

tl;dr Looks great sounds better go watch. 720p and above, duh.

Now as promised, lots of pictures! They aren’t in chronological order, just events.

Starting with me looking strained of course, haha.

Had Korean for lunch when I met up with my indoctrinator, Heindra.

Look, a huge pacifier!

I'm guessing someone got PK'ed and their sandals weren't looted..?

Huge footprint is huge.

I imagine lots of students die every day trying to reach their classrooms...

Awesome souvenir Ken got me. It simulates a frog croaking!

Donuts Daryl bought some time back. I prefer them plain.

Clearly this was painted by a madman. See, the witch is harvesting the flower's soul.

Taking night shots without a tripod is a beach. Horrible quality.

This candy is surprisingly tasty for me.

Best daughter ever, Geri!

We always exchange gifts whenever we meet up, haha.

Clemens' cat! She bit me twice :(

Souvenir Clems got me. 5 layers of sun protection!

Sadly it didn't look as awesome as I thought it would :l

Inside Clems' APC of a car. It be huge.

You could taste the estrogen in the air during premier of Eclipse.

Tasty cold tofu at super cheap Japanese place.

Rainbow has some interesting sleeping positions at times.

Whereas Nicky is trying to emulate those cat adverts.

My first crepe! Was way too sweet.

Amanda took a picture of me I didn't know could exist.

All I tasted was oil. looked interesting at the time.

They raised the prices for the ice cream! Again!

And they had the audacity to shrink my apple pies! Those bus thirds >(

Can't go wrong with a Double Cheeseburger I suppose.

The girl with the $2.2k handbag, Amanda! :p

Noodles colleague got me. Was not suited for my palette though.

My new harddrive! After some sorting it's nearly half-full.

That should be enough pictures for now right? I’ve still got a quite a handful more, most of it being more recent photos as well as the last batch of developed pictures. I haven’t been shooting much lately (let alone film) so I’m hoping my feel for it returns soon! I blame my work schedule for it, haha.

A little unsure of what to blog about since I have some other stuff to do right now.

Before I go I’ll just let you all know that I’ll be updating the blog once a week, i.e. on my full off-days. To put a safe day on it, you can check every Friday for new entries :D

Have a good month of August, Mayonites!

P.S. If anyone of you feels in the mood for Warhammer 40K… two best buddies of mine have just converted, it’s never too late to start! Bahaha!


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