Night Owl

Right kids, back to finish posting up the rest of the pictures. Lots of it!

Stay Gold
Utada Hikaru
Heart Station (2008)

Comments: I had full intention of embedding another song but then this came up on iTunes and I just *love* Utada Hikaru’s songs; never mind the fact that her lyrics are female-oriented. I’ve put this up before I think? Also finding songs YouTube is so difficult now. All the copyright stuff going on, blah.

Times like these, ah, how I love music. And my headphones! When am I gonna blow $1,100 on a proper music set-up though?

I don’t need someone else to be happy. I always remind myself that, but I fail to include that having someone to share your happiness with makes it so much more… pleasant.

The topic of relationships has been popping up a lot recently, especially amongst my peers. Perhaps it has to do with being in your early 20s (…the horror), or simply because quite a number of my friends are experiencing problems with it. And I don’t have a lot of people I count as friends, so that amplifies it’s presence.

Learning what they’re all going/been through, I feel like a free man. Not having your heart tied to anybody is a liberating experience. I’ve said my farewells and now cast my gaze to the future: that thick, impenetrable fog of uncertainty.

Not that I’m free of the ghosts of my past. Nobody is. But it’s come to the point where I’m thankful for all that has happened. Glad for all the memories and experiences I’ve shared with her. It carries with it a tinge of sadness and regret, but regret is the path that ultimately leads to one’s own demise. I should know.

So, “what now” then? Am I actively searching the fields of love?

The answer is no. I feel it would be irresponsible given my current state of affairs. Also, (and this is something I’ve decided upon not too long ago,) I’m what I would call a ‘territorial introvert’. Ponder on those two terms a bit and you’ll see the problems that might ensue.

Not that I’m not interested. I’m just not looking. Maybe I’ll end up like one of those singles the government is trying to push to date and thus, increase the rate of marriage and hopefully, the birth rate as well. Who knows?

One thing’s for sure though: spending my money on me alone and doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want = awesome.

…Oh before they track me down and hound after me for propagating the ‘wrong ideas’: love and family are wonderful, priceless aspects any human being can ever attain. You should always seek to pursue forging a strong familial and community bond and contribute heartily to taxes to become a better person.

Ahhhh I can’t do it.


I apologise for that bit up there. Figured I needed some proper ‘bloging’ going on. I’ll do something more interesting next time, I promise. Like why the heck I decided to work retail?

Without further delay my legion(?) of Mayonites, here are the pictures:

"I are cat. What be this?"

Zzz-huh wha-? ...*paw*

Taken some random afternoon. See that blown-out spot of light? The weather being that hot and bright should be illegal or something.

My set of letter openers that are, in truth, not great at opening envelopes at all.

Nonsense I bought. Yes, it's just a switch. Amazing how easily you can be entertained while bored.

My first and only Figma, Dark Saber! I change her pose every month.

Curry rice I had at Somerset. Thick, creamy and tasty. Oh and relatively expensive.

More Fate/Stay Night figures, this time in the form of Nendoroid Pucchi. Was hoping for the secret figure.

"Oh my, what's this?"

Time to equip my not-so-trusty, Tanto Letter Opener! Hyah!

My invisible socks! Whites belong to Daryl and Ken.

My first detachment of troops have arrived!

First workspace set-up over at Daryl's place.

Combined 5-hour result!

Check out the detail, and this is just the snap-on kit.

"Him! Him! He blew up your shack!"

Now for the decent batch of pictures from the two rolls of film I developed. I grudgingly cross-processed my slides as I didn’t realise there was no normal E-41. Can’t say I like the results. Ah must shoot more, shoot more!

Pictures from Katong, Universal Studios Singapore Preview Day 1, Chingay @ Heartlands (Tampines), Ann Siang Hill and Singapore Air Show 2010. All of which I’ve had digital shots too, posted way back. I always bring out both cameras.

I’ll stick with regular negatives and black-and-white film.


4 thoughts on “Night Owl

  1. NICE PICS! liking the feel of the colors. dude, by the way isn’t there a way to put up a comment box at the side of your blog?? i’ve always felt uncomfortable posting in a post’s comment box. it always subconsciously prevented me from posting onto other ppls blogs lololol. i just realized i had this psychic barrier when it surfaced, when i visited wei song’s and felt the same effects from yours.

  2. @Daryl:
    Haha thanks man, nothing fantastic lah. Not up to the lao jiao standard I see at the local rangefinder forums, haha.

    Oh those things I’m not too sure. I doubt so. I initially was apprehensive also at the idea of having to use the post comments– they seemed intimidating somehow. But you’ll get over it haha.

    Oh and painting! We need greens and flesh colours! Text you about it later in the day.

  3. @Amanda:
    Oh but I already do LOL :P

    But yah lor! Only thing useful is the point which just pokes a hole on the other side hahaha. A pen knife would work 100x better.

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