First and Last

I know it’s Saturday and there hasn’t been a new entry. Haha, my apologies, shall get down to it when I’m done with work later today. It’ll be a simple text post this time, so don’t expect too much. Also, on an entirely random note, it’s getting harder to come up with titles for these post entries :(

Hmm, well Daryl and I met a couple of guys at PI earlier this evening. They were all very friendly which was pretty awesome. I’m naturally apprehensive (sometimes downright hostile) at first encounter so I had trouble getting on with the flow but it was great getting some pointers from the veterans. Will definitely hang out there more often if time permits.

Other than that I’ve been wanting to watch The Expendables but it seems like its been getting bad reviews and meh, I rather save that money and buy paints/magnets/food/etc.

In other news my back has been hurting lately. Maybe it’s from my bad posture and work. I also got a new book for this month, even though I have lots of reading left for my Space Marines Codex as well as the 40K rulebook.

OK that should be enough filler, haha. As always, I must have a video in my entry.

Justus showed me this cover by a couple of local talents, and I mean ‘talent’ as a compliment. Although I’m not big on this genre of music, I, unlike many others I have met, am able to give my appreciation where it is due. I am told this is nicer than the original lyrically, which is something. I suggest a few doses of epic soundtracks to get me back in my normal mood.

Nothin’ On You
SHIGGA SHAY (Ft. Inch Chua)

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