Quick One

My Armor is Contempt,
My Shield is Disgust,
My Sword is Hatred.

No this entry isn’t about W40K, haha.

“He Who Brings The Night”
Two Steps From Hell

Comments: I don’t usually use profanity in my posts… but THIS IS FUCKING EPIC. In case you didn’t know, this is the music I listen to these days. Soundtracks are win, and these guys are gods.

Of all the jobs out there, why did I go and pick retail? It is an interesting question and one in which I will attempt at answering satisfactorily.

Despite my terrible brush with working in the service industry, where I was more than happy to leave employment, I figured maybe F&B is just at the bottom of the chain. Unless I decide to go to some high-end establishment I suppose; I do have friends who seem to enjoy it, Jacquelyn especially. She must have had an awesome time, haha.

I was simply forwarding my pitiful resume in response to a few job ads and it happened that this was one of the first few to reply me. Of that initial batch, this was the most appealing. Sure my first-and-only cosplay happened to be in 2006 and I barely watch anime these days (as of this moment: K-On!! only; I’m waiting to try Gintama) but one simple fact won me over: the music. They’d be playing Japanese music, mostly anime OPs and EDs and that I could live with.

Of course I later learned that the playlist only loops like, FOREVER, but that’s not the point.

There were other reasons why I wanted to take it up. One of it was social contact. Forcing myself to speak was interesting, since I don’t speak much for most of my life, which led to my quiet mumble and random stammering. Other reasons were so that I could get the drop on anime figures and such– you must know that this was before I purchased my very first W40K model, so my anime model collection has been put off again haha.

Let me go off on a tangent a bit but on the topic of anime figures… where the hell is my Saber Triumphant Excalibur?! I pre-ordered and til today, received no news about it. I never got the invoice despite it being late-August when it was released in late-July. Wah lao, I think there isn’t enough stock. It’s true how Ken pointed out that for some odd reason, there are many Saber fans. I barely enjoyed the anime series and haven’t touched any of the games but damn, slap me silly if Saber isn’t freaking attractive. I could do with holding off on that $150 bill though, haha.

Right right, back to what I was saying.

The job has it’s ups and downs, as with all jobs. Unless you’re like Daryl and use your epic mad skillz0r to earn $1,600 drawing from home, lawl. Colleagues are great. Even had/have/? a crush on one but it was stupidly silly and snuffed the idea. The job isn’t terribly difficult once you’re accustomed to things. I loved sentry duty back during The Horrors (yes, I’m calling it that now) so I have pretty great standing skills hahaha.

True rewards in working retail are the people you meet. You get to engage with people from all walks of life and from around the globe so it’s pretty great. Bonus points if it’s some hot/cute girl, hahaha– I’ve had my memorable encounters. The best thing about it all is when the person you’ve been serving leaves the store happy. That’s just it.

Which is surprising since I’m the guy who wants to bathe the world in blood and fire for my infernal, selfish desires but I guess I’m still human.

Of course there’s a lot, lot more customers who make you want to drive a screwdriver through their eye and relish in their agony. So many it’s simply ridiculous. In the first few weeks I thought it was just the Singaporeans being stereotypically rude and discourteous (stereotypes exist for a reason). I later began to see that this problem extended to people from other countries as well. Generally however, most Westerners are very friendly. So all you fuckers out there whining how sales staff show preference to foreigners, stop complaining and perhaps acknowledge the sales staff for a start.

I do not display such preference though haha :p

I’ve also witnessed intriguing things people do:

(1) Special. Some people, once talked to, apparently believe they have psychic powers and will look at you intently for two-to-three seconds before returning back to whatever they were doing without uttering a single word. Funny now, but mostly annoying.

(2) Scampering. Some are just so afraid they’ll literally scamper away when they see you or after you engage with them. It’s hilarious at times, but really gets to me when they do so guiltily. And it’s usually because they ARE guilty of something. Mostly couples and small groups of girls. Fuckers.

(3) Wanderer. Then there are the people who, after talking to them, will give the slightest shake of their head to display their disinterest. And I really mean slightest. Shake. Just one shake. Not two, simply one. Miss it and you won’t even notice. There are others who do bother to reply you: either by talking to themselves, the product they’re holding, their friends, heck even God for all I care but anything except you.

Were I to generalize things further, families are great to serve. Everything else is a hit-or-miss. Self-absorbed couples are the worst. So busy are they playing mating games with each other that they don’t even notice anything else around them. KNS, I even have lesbian couples hugging and kissing in corners of the store when I’m about to close. Could you like… get the fuck out and do it at a staircase or fuck-where?

Yes I’m agitated thinking about it am am limiting myself to the usage of only “fuck”, lest I go all colourful and make even death metal bands blush.

I’m intending to switch to part-time in November though, or find some other PT job. Have to discuss this when next month comes along.


My colleague asked today, “What is your ideal age for getting married?” and you know, the question stumped me. It reminds me of the fact that I’m going on 22; ancient if you look at how much time you have left before you DIE, haha.

You know I’ve never really thought about it. Do consider the fact that I have never been in any sort of relationship so I’m excused for not going too far with such ideas. I pondered on it for some time after giving an unsure answer and… I’m still unsure.

Saying I’m not at all interested would be a lie, but it isn’t all that far from the truth either. I’m in no position to give a conclusive answer so I’ll leave that hanging, but I found it interesting as I never did think about it seriously.

What do I think about then?

…it’d be confusing to even know how to start writing about that, lol.

Well that shall be it I suppose. I’m hoping the length was sufficient. Til next time Mayonites~

One last thing! I’m watching SNSD’s Horror Movie Factory every once in a while… it’s a time-waster but so funny! Hahaha. Ah, my aegyo queen.


3 thoughts on “Quick One

  1. I agree! its the people u meet that make and break the job. haha. thats why wacom on weekends is damn fun. and the soundtrack above is some crazy shit.
    hope u can go part-time soon man. so we can take this hobb- lifestyle of ours, to a new level!!

  2. Part-time = less pay = how to afford going new level?! Hahaha, maybe 5 years from now.

    But yeah we can focus on the simple, important parts now. Like painting!

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