Dust to dust

RIP Satsohi Kon. The man passed away due to pancreatic cancer at age 46.

46! Can you believe it?! That is WAY too short for a man of his calibre. See, life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. Especially death. You, me, all of us could be dead tomorrow and none the wiser. Human life is just too fragile. The human body compounds that problem (mm-hmm I never was a fan; bio-mechans FTW). So yes, do you really want to spend another minute of that time being sad? If you’d look at the big picture, life itself is tragic already.

I was quickly browsing through a few comments, and this one best reflected my thoughts:

“Sad news. That’s too young for such a talented film maker.

I used to watch a lot of anime when I was younger, until I realized I didn’t really care for most of it. The only two creators I continued to keep track of were Kon and Miyazaki. What I think set Kon apart from the rest is that he treated animation as a medium, not a genre.” – shimage of Kotaku.

Granted I never did fully grasp Paprika, but it was awesome in many other ways. It will be dark times indeed were Miyazaki to leave us also. I pray that he graces us with a few more films of his.

This isn’t my weekly blog post; just felt this warranted a post of its own.

In slightly happier news, SNSD has been confirmed as one of the groups performing in Singapore in October, along with lots of other big names. I hope ticket prices doesn’t inflate like crazy, but I think it will. If some other group I know like T-ara or Kara goes, my motivation will double (but Sunny is all the motivation I need bahaha!). Would be nice to hear the girls live.

(Oh but I’d have nobody to go with lol! Maybe time to meet some local fans?)

But October is also a dark month for my wallet. A lot of figures releasing, I don’t know why the hell. :(


2 thoughts on “Dust to dust

  1. @narikodesu:
    Oh oh but you know, it’s FIVE boy bands and SNSD! Totally unbalanced / sausage-fest. I feel far less motivated to go now, sigh.

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