Going In Blind

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart that barless prison
Discolours all with tunnel vision
Sunsetter, nymphetamine

Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, this vampiric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better, nymphetamine

Cradle Of Filth
Nymphetamine (2004)
Roadrunner Records

Comment: Give it a listen before you disregard this song. It’s not as “heavy” as you think, as Cradle of Filth have a few nice melodic songs with appealing lyrics.

Like with most songs that go here, this came up on iTunes DJ and brought with it a wealth of nostalgia. 2004 man, this was Secondary Four. It was that long ago and I really, really liked this song. This was the pivotal point in my transition from heavy metal into other musical genres. I’d go into detail but it’d be too long, but basically I was listening to Slipknot in 2000 and Dashboard Confessional in 2005, hahaha. It fits the period of teenage-hood I suppose.

I actually remember the lyrics to this one too! It’s the chorus that I put up before the cut. Who’s your Nymphetamine?

OK another week, another month. Here’s an early hello to the month of September! Here’s hoping that it’ll be kind to my old, fragile self.

Where do I begin, where do I begin…? I admit I’m tackling this post without any solid idea or sense of progression, so I apologise beforehand if this confuses or bores you. Then again you wouldn’t be here reading this if I did previously so… yeah.

I need a small literature break from W40K. I’m not complaining. I’m currently reading Legion by Dan Abnett and you know what? It was printed on awesome. They extracted serotonin from a billion souls high on LSD, purified it into it’s cleanest forms and used it as ink to print on the hallowed pages of awesome. Tears of bliss was used to bind the book to its spine and it was delivered the world over on the wings of cheerfully deranged cherubs screaming intoxicant, happy nursery rhymes while doing pirouettes in mid-flight. Well yeah OK so it’s not as great as other Abnett books but I’ll be damned if didn’t belong in the upper tier.

I’m just saying I need something different. Insightful, deep and reflective perhaps? Not that W40K doesn’t have it’s heavy moments, but you know what I mean. I’ve been wanting to read some of Haruki Murakami’s works lately so maybe I’ll do just that next month.

Movie of the week (the previous week, lol) was Pulp Fiction. I believe this is the third time watching it and only now do I truly appreciate the humor and script. The movie is hilarious! Definitely stands out amongst my little collection. I’m unsure what to catch next: Kick-Ass which I’ve watched twice in theaters, A Perfect Getaway which I have misgivings, or part one of Che, which is a two-part movie of the iconic revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Decisions, decisions.

On the subject of decisions, I have so many things to decide on. On small matters, there’s the issue of me and getting a working army list up. Over on the serious side of the spectrum, there’s my education path I have to take next year. To be perfectly honest I’m not gunning for any one course, which is, and I know this all-too-perfectly-well, ridiculous. Years have gone wasted and not only do I not have any decent academic qualifications, what I’ve learned is starting to fade to memory. Trouble is I’m not even sure whether I can get what I’m somewhat interested in next year. Then what? I don’t want to waste another year doing totally unrelated jobs (oh but all the cute girls, lol.)

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I know some people who are doing exactly what they had in mind a decade ago, which is great and all. Whether they’re enjoying it is a totally different matter but that’s not the point here, haha. I’ve maintained my standard answers of lawyer, journalist and space mari- uh, I mean, astronaut.

All three of which seem unlikely now, haha. If I were a lawyer I’d just get frustrated, rip out a chair and wreck bloody ruin upon the opposition. I do not have the initiative or sociability for journalism, and I do not have the physical fitness to be an astronaut.

In all honesty, however, what I’ve truly wanted to be was an assassin. Seriously. Somehow or rather I sensed that being a kid and wanting to basically kill people for money was morbid and wrong so to save myself a lot of trouble I just made stuff up. But yes, I have always wanted to be an assassin.

There was something inherently cool about it. The thrill of getting away (hah, all you sissy shoplifters), the fact that you had the power to choose whether someone lives or die. Without anybody knowing. It was enticing.

So I loved ninjas as a kid. Assassins too. How happy was I when games like Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu and Hitman came out. I was the happiest kid in the whole damn neighbourhood. Hell, I could have been beaming far more than the dude who won the first prize lottery. I even practiced. I put lots of effort into keeping a low presence and walking quietly. All those years paid off, haha.

As I grew up and time passed, morals and conscience and all that jazz shaped my thoughts and views about it. As it did with everything else in life. Do I still want to be a gun-for-hire? Realistically speaking it’d be impossible. I do not have many of the skills required to be a successful assassin in this time and age. Nor do I have the contacts and means to begin a career in such. But I have no qualms of pulling the trigger on my fellow man. It’s one of the few things I’m highly confident in. I’m also aware that leaves me open to prospects of counter-assassination but you get what you get, you know?

Disturbed kid, aren’t I? :/

Let me lighten the mood, with random pictures from my animal folder! Hahaha.

In contrast to my previous post on anime…

A colleague recently introduced one to me. Now, I have a pretty healthy backlog of titles I’ve yet to get started on, but this one… heh heh, this one I jumped straight into once he showed me the first episode.

B Gata H Kei. Premise of the story? A high-school girl who wants to get laid. It’s crude, juvenile, nonsensical and wrong on so, so many levels and also incredibly entertaining.


That said, this is far below the level of standard that Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu? has set for me. Now that show is truly my #1 in terms of comedy. If anything comparisons go by, I’d say this was like Detroit Metal City. Its a guilty pleasure, haha. I won’t lie and say this has good animation or what-not. It’s purely just for laughs.

I’ve taken the liberty to upload part 1/3 of Episode One here for your viewing. You may turn to YouTube or alternative sources for the rest of the series if, like me, you happen to find this to your liking, ahaha.

I feel like I’m doing something naughty, lol!


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