The Midnight Diaries

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
(Album ?)
Mountain Apple

Comments: I needed to put up a contrasting song to the one in the previous two entries. iTunes DJ has yet to disappoint! Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, some good stuff. So… peaceful. Rest his soul for leaving us with some wonderful music, still playing 13 years on.

My blog has been getting strange referrals lately. It makes me uncomfortable that non-Mayonites are wandering free though this realm. A little more digging has shown that two pictures have been viewed a lot more than the others:

I would like to reiterate that these beautiful images are not mine, lest there be any misunderstanding. I detest people who discredit artists of their work. They belong to someone who goes by the name of Geister and I am, sadly, unable to provide you with any further information regarding him or her.

So it was Hari Raya a couple of days back. I didn’t celebrate of course, since I was at work. Let me ask though: why is there a need for tradition?

People don’t ask as many questions as they should, in my opinion. It’s sad when being inquisitive brings the risk of being shot down. Too many times have I seen parents tire of answering their child’s questions. The same goes for being in an organisation, when you question the need for certain rules or protocols and you are met with impatience and given a half-assed “because that’s the way it is” in some variant or other.

Questions make you think. It leads to debate. It has to potential to be productive, to abolish the obsolete, irrelevant and redundant. It’s up to both parties to either make it a constructive, thought-provoking discussion or have it dwindle into a feeble, emotionally-charged argument. Which is mostly why I’ve given up on talking about religion: most people are too close-minded or are unable to detach themselves for a moment and look from a different perspective. But that’s for another day and all I have to say about the issue is: do not be some self-righteous prick and impose your beliefs upon others or worse still, presume to be able to judge them on the basis of religious faith alone, for you are NOTHING but man, and what is man in context of the great span of time and space?

To be CLEAR: I do not have something against religion as a whole. Only the people who are too caught-up in it and decide to leave their sense of reason way back over there in the gutter.

Do not think I’ll happily jump into a deep conversation with you regarding some matter, though. I’ll do my best to share my views but I find using my mouth to talk to be a pain. I wish I were psychic. Honestly, if I could talk to you with my mind I’d be far, far more talkative than you’d imagine.

Unless you were a girl and I had the hots for you. I’d just be nervous all day long and make corny jokes, hahaha.

Back to my original question, then. Why do we need tradition? If they’re safe, promote familial/communal ties and make sense then fine, carry on with it. What if they border on ridicule? Based on old, wayward-thinking that no longer has a place in modern society. What happens then? Do we do it because we are told to, because it is tradition? Or do we see it for what it is, take a stand and do something about it? Simply because it’s being handed to you doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

Traditions do not take on the form of just events or formal activities. They’re also passed down from parent-to-child during their developing years. Things they learn from their parents: speech, mannerisms and even thinking patterns. If you think that’s abstract, it’s not. The correct definition for tradition, by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is:

the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.

I do recognise it’s benefits though. It helps preserve cultures and more importantly, it allows one to bond with their peers. Forging this sense of belonging. Which only leads me to wonder then why can’t we still do that without the need for a culture? Heck, forget about cultures, race, religion or nation. Is it not possible for all of us to feel close to one another, as fellow humans?

No, we cannot. For we humans shall always be divided. All those grand, moving speeches of unity and progress? Nothing more than promises of a future that will not be. A future that never will be. The only thing we’ll ever be united in is in death.

All the things that give people a sense of community and identity are the very same reasons that separate us.

I’ve already broached a different topic and am risk of going into a further diatribe so I shall close this part of the post here. I do know that people do have regular discourse over these sort of material but meh.

In a bit of gaming news, I am excited over a few titles that have yet to be released. I should probably dust off my PS3 and turn it on later in the day, just to run at least two or more system updates, haha. Perhaps even, dare I say, play my PS3?! I have absolutely no idea where exactly I am in the Valkyria Chronicles storyline. The last mission involved a desert and dust storms I believe. That was quite challenging! In fact, all my mission scores for the game aren’t fantastic at all from the start. Mostly Rank C. Perhaps I’m not cut out for the tactics required in this game, or maybe I’ve just grown stupid from all the FPS.

But Third-Person Shooters, ah now these are gems. I’ve been following the news for Dead Space 2 here and there and you know… I’m starting to get disappointed. They’re starting to turn it from a terrific, modern-day horror game into an action flick. With multiplayer. Please please please do not screw up the SP experience because you were busy on making the MP work. I loved Dead Space so do not butcher the sequel for me. Rather, do a Naughty Dog and blow me away like they did with Among Thieves.

Aside from console-gaming, I haven’t touched my Dawn of War 2 because they have more effects and things going on in the Chaos Rising expansion, which reduces the performance to a damned slide-show presentation. No, I cannot lower the settings any further because I ALREADY AM playing on lowest, lol.

OH OH OH short digression! You know you’re getting old when you hear kids these days say it as L-O-L instead of lawl. You know what? It annoys me. But then again I can get annoyed by almost anything.

Over on the wargaming spectrum of things, I am STILL stripping the paint off my AoBR models. It’s turning out to be a far more long and arduous process than I thought. I also damaged and chipped a few of them along the way. Nothing some Tamiya cement can’t fix, but damn. Never again will I idly decide to “oh hey let’s just strip all of these”. Assembling new models is waaaay more fun and easier. Thanks to this extended timeframe, my Battleforce is still lying in wait.

Which is a good thing since I blew my budget by over 200% on more tools and paints this month, so I have to cut back on other things. Like food, which isn’t so important. Only worth spending on when you’re out with friends. Other than that, biscuits and salads do wonders.

Also I have gained weight. Thanks to the sushi buffet Ken made us go to where, in the same day, I had Carl’s Jr for dinner. Then a few days later I had a McDonalds meal to complete my fast food cravings.

UNHOLY THRONE OF SKULLS I must have put on like 5KG or something, weighing scales be damned. Time to reduce back to my air diet mode, i.e. eating air. Geri told me about this cabbage diet and it sounds great but I haven’t gotten round to doing it. She stopped because it just tasted too awful. I agree, lettuce would have been far more palatable. Will see how that goes when I get round to it.

Times like these you look at all those people with high metabolisms and go “WTF?!”. They must have been fed like… twigs and forced into child labour or something when growing up…

I blame my genes (my parents were heavy when they had me) and my childhood diet of artery-clogging oily fat crap and soft drinks. Oh man the soft drinks, chugged them down like water. Which is great because water is all I drink these days. That and tea when I’m not feeling lazy, haha.

I need to buy running shoes! I’m kinda hoping to get Sean to acquire a pair for me but it’s hard to meet up with him and he’s busy with his own stuff so… I mean, they’re a decent pair of sports shoes for the price you’re paying. Never thought I would say this but I actually miss running. That complete exhaustion, pounding blood in your head and nausea/dry-heaving. Lungs of fire I don’t really miss, because a childhood asthma attack scared the heck outta me. Intervals FTW. I don’t know how the hell people go jogging for leisure. Bad for your knees man. My bad knees and ankles are testament to all the 12-/16-/21-KM mixed-trail jogs I’ve had in preparation for the half-marathon.

Shall return to crunches and push-ups I’ve been neglecting since I started work too. Damn you organic body. The time I need to invest in your maintenance could be spent doing other bloody things.

Don’t ask me why, I was just browsing for a random photo in my folders and this proved sufficiently funny. Clever too. If you’re wondering, since I now only watch HD movies… yes, HD porn. If you weren’t, well now you know. (And buy a 1TB HDD haha!)

It is now nearly 3AM. I really do mean it when I take my time for a blog entry, haha. Not that I didn’t take breaks here and then, mind you.

I’m going to watch… dundun… Bleach for a bit then go sleep. Yes you heard me right. The thing is, it has a decent start. Pretty good too, discounting the whole Japanese anime syndrome it has going on. It just ends up being dragged into oblivion, ruining the series like it did Naruto. The problem with episodic content. Oh well, I just want to reacquaint myself with the series, especially with 12th Captain Mayuri.

I leave you with OP of Black Lagoon OVA! I love this series. Easily Top 10. The guns, the bullets, hot-as-usual Revy, the composites and the Engrish. Very stylish, very Black Lagoon. Highly recommended show if you haven’t caught it! Crazy extravagant fight scenes (which is in the video after the OP, can’t help it :p)


8 thoughts on “The Midnight Diaries

  1. Ah-ha. Finally, someone with the same mentality on religion. Honestly, I never get those people who are so obsessed with their God, their entire lives revolves around him/her/it. =A=;

    Diets are overrated, btw. XD Why limit yourself to bland, unsavory food when life’s so short? o: I’d rather survive on desserts and other yummy food with the possibility of dying young than to spend my life eating… leaves, rations (calorie mate is another matter) and other ‘healthy food’ and then die unexpectedly in an accident in the next hour. .-.

    But, if you’re really serious about dieting, some of my friends over in Japan told me about this banana diet thing that’s the current fad over there. Supposedly, it helps you lose weight without having to limit on what you eat.

    Simply eat a pair of bananas (hurr. pair of bananas. *insert usual pervy face here* 8Db) before all your meals. o:

  2. @Luvi:
    Because the only thing protruding from me should be below my belly, NOT my belly >_>; I’m wide enough as it is.

    Calorie mate would be awesome if they had bundle offers. I need me some combat food. Salads are awesome though, you haven’t seen the light.

    But its as I mentioned, good food goes with good company. I’m not gonna bother if I’m by myself: it’ll just turn into crap anyway. Literally. Rather spend on my hobby.

    And I bought myself some bananas today. I love bananas. (No, don’t you dare picture me with… D<)

  3. ._. I think you’re fine. *shrugs*

    They have bundle offers in Japan. o: Buy a carton and get 10% off. It’s how I always buy em. XD

    XD You remind me of one of the characters I RP. The I’m-broke-so-I’ll-just-survive-only-on-air-and-water-unless-senpai-is-with-me-because-he’d-get-worried!-n-not-that-I-care-or-anything tsundere shota boy. :3

    Bananas~ In pajamas~ are coming down the stairs~~
    Bananas~ In pajamas~ are coming down in PAIRS~~
    Bananas~ In pajamas~ are chasing pedobears~~
    ’cause on Tuesdays they all try to catch them unawares
    boom boom pow boom boom pow (note: sfx of whatever’s happening between those three. 8D)

  4. @Amanda:
    I very much like it too, haha. Oh thanks, not everyday I get one of these sort of entries out.

    So how much is each piece after the discount? If it’s reasonable I’ll join in your monthly (?) orders XD

    And yeah, that sounds close enough. Except no I have no senior that I’m all gender-confused about >3

    …so Pedobear has to *run* away from them? What manner of horrors are they?!

  5. Uhhhh I have no idea. You should know I never keep track of my finances. XD; And I’ve stopped ordering them for now. I need to save up for more Kaito Nendoroid to modify. >3
    …Speaking of which, do you know how? orz I need to repaint one, cut up another, and create parts for the third.

    And you’re not jail-bait. Or tsundere. XD

    They /are/ bananas in pajamas… A pair of them. Who speaks. And walks on two legs. Would /you/ run if they came rushing down the stairs at you? XD

  6. Because everyone should know how to deal with them!

    What would I do? 8D

    I would first approach them and start a conversation, with the intent of finding out how they came to be and what their goals and purposes are.

    When satisfied I would then knock them unconscious and drag them into the bathroom, following which I shall proceed to fill the bath tub with ice cream.

    Once the tub is three-quarters full of three different ice-cream flavours and given a generous serving of crushed almonds, chocolate- and strawberry-sundae sauce, I will rouse the two bananas by tossing them inside.

    And then EAT THEM ALIVE >D

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