“Like every serial killer already knew: eventually fantasizing just doesn’t do it for you anymore.”

Kick-Ass is definitely one of the much better movies this first half of the year.

Sayonara wa Iwanakatta feat. Mitsunaga Ryota
Mihimaru GT
mihimalogy (2010)
Universal Music Japan

Not available on YouTube. Open in new tab to listen! :)

Comment: I really like this song. No video so can’t comment much aside from the music itself. When it comes to this genre, I only really can listen to Japanese. I’ve tried American and Korean and both just don’t do it for me. It’s just light, has more rhythm to it musically and really, having a female singer just sounds so much better.

It’s my taste so I’m being biased. Not in the mood for a wordy, objective take on the thing.

If you were expecting something deep or what-not then I’m sorry to disappoint. It’s past 1AM so this is one of those churn-out-on-time blog entries, haha. The sharp-eyed of you (or rather, those that care) would have noticed this post has been tagged with W40K.

Yes, I’m going to simply be posting up pictures taken over the last few weeks. Granted it’s not a lot but hey, it’s something haha. I’m not sure if I put some of these up before: I’m getting a sense of déjà vu here, mostly because I uploaded some up on FaceBook. I now know how Geri felt in one of her posts! Haha.

My hair looks kinda decent here. It looks retarded now. Gotta get that haircut in Oct. orz

Daryl's Sanguinary Guard. Mmm, bronze nipples!

Daryl's sister's tape dispenser. I've classified it as our monstrous creature and find it ridiculously cute as it noms on this rubber band.

Ork chunks.

Working in an air-conditioned room...

...while using plastic cement! I'm sure there's a health advisory against this somewhere.

4/5 of my Assault on Black Reach completed!

Mexican stand-off?

Let's make it Orky!

Quite some time afterwards, getting ready to start painting.

Before that we gotta get them all primed up.

Looks like the Sanguinary Guards want in on the action too.

It also seems that our monstrous creature got injured :(

Psst! Psst! ...*stare*... Psst!

Seeing the world in black and white.

Stealthy scout is stealthy.

Right, time to really get started.

Works in progress.

Whilst waiting for a cab one day.

Reinforcements have arrived!

Ben's Njal Stormcaller.

Ben's Articuno! ...wait, whut?

Prepping the table for war while GB idly watches on.

Space Wolves deployed.

Flanking Terminators and an obviously lost Dreadnought.

One Rhino down, its passengers disembarked safely.

A half-finished Imperial Fist takes the opportunity to go for a scenic shoot.

Captain rushes in to assault an entire unit himself.

Game ended with my loss. Just messing around with the scenery.


Canis Wolfborn and some termies.

Had Kenny Rogers for dinner at Suntec afterwards. Like their side dishes!

Days later, Daryl's termie squad all assembled.

Unhappy with the paint jobs so decided to strip them. Look at how black it is!

Plague Marine!

I liek my red socks. Totally unrelated but red looks great on girls.

I made a mistake in my strip job (haha), so they turned out looking like they had a journey out someone's pooper.

This is me being sad that my botched strip job took so long.

June 2011, my next army shall arrive. Glory to the Dark Gods!

"Hey guys, look what I got!"

My Devastators all assembled. Some bad drilling on my part, but no biggie.

MAW. Men at work, lol. Credits to Marie for taking it.

Aaaaaaand that’s it. Not a lot right?
Well I still have a tonne of things to do. Gotta resume assembling my other models but at least I can also resume painting my first batch. Also need to place orders for more modelling putty since my immediate W40K circle is gonna be doing some model conversions as well as add-on sculpts and stuff. Looking to make myself a cast-mold as well.

Can’t wait to field a completely painted 10-man squad of Tactical Marines! Also can’t wait to get my World Eaters next year <3

And I need to have another game session! My head is digesting all the rule book information but still needs to be put into practice.

Hopefully I’ll have more time for my entry next week. Til next time.

Before I go, on a totally random note:
Never wear boxers if you’re going to a place where you’ll freeze your ass off. Makes for an… uncomfortable experience.


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