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Hello there.

“Heart Of Courage”
Two Steps From Hell
Invincible (2010)

Composed by Thomas J. Bergersen
Extended Mix by TheManWithNoUsrName

Ade says: If you’ve been following this particular blog, you’ll know that I love soundtracks and that Two Steps From Hell is my favourite production company. So it was a pretty easy choice for me to choose this for the post. Being absent for well over three months leaves you with an abundance of music choices.

When I first heard Heart of Courage I knew immediately it’ll be memorable. The choir making their grand entrance sealed the deal. Lots of people seem to agree with me, seeing as to how it’s also been used in other trailers, most notable of which (to me anyway) would be Mass Effect 2’s launch trailer This extended version, made by a fellow on YouTube is one of the better ones out there. Both of us agree that the original is just a tad too short for our tastes. :D

So as you and I are well aware, this blog has been inactive for a long time. My last post was in October 2010, so that makes almost five months! Wow.

There are various reasons (or excuses, some would prefer) to my absence. Since mid-January 2011 my PC literally died on me and I went without one for two months or so. I am most definitely certain that most people would probably go mad but fortunately for me I’m a man with a degree of patience. There were its inconveniences but it showed me how much time being away from the computer gives you. I got a sleep pattern nailed down, got to do more reading up, assembled my remaining models and even had an odd exercise or two tossed into the mix.

This is by no means a new computer however. I simply exchanged a faulty old PC for a working old PC. I still need to get a DVD-ROM for it so I can downgrade to OS to Win XP to make it less taxing on the resources. What that means for you, dear reader, is that there won’t be any pictures in this post because they’re all in the backup harddrives. I’ve got a bunch of images to upload and quite a number that are still in the camera yet to be processed and organised. This is for the family anyway, I need to get round to saving up for my new PC. I’ve said that for ages haha, but I’ve forced myself to work with a near crappy PC now so I have absolutely no choice but to get a new one.

Prior to the breakdown, I simply had no time. Working retail hours really drains you of your social time unless you’re an early-riser, which clearly I’m not.

That and the fact that had I posted anything it would most probably be down and dreary. Which is why I try to simply flood my posts with pictures instead; the things that float around in my head aren’t really all happy marshmallows and unicorns. Not surprising given how I’m simply a broken man.


So it’s the year 2011 and frankly, it’s been a terrible start not only for me but for the rest of the world as well. Unless you live on a mountain more secluded and in a cave far deeper than mine, surely you would have heard about the events going on in the world. The triple-tragedy of Japan’s situation is a humbling one and helps remind you how powerless you are. Though it isn’t much, I’ve already donated the $150 I had saved up for my next batch of models and accessories to the Japanese Red Cross. You can do so too! What little left I have would ensure my own sufficiency til my next job and salary. I wholeheartedly hope that the nuclear reactors are all stabilised soon so that the country may focus its efforts on recovery.

Having people panic and hoard supplies within Japan out of fear for radiation contamination is understandable. But it really annoys me how people here, over 5,000KM away, start putting up a fuss. There are even fears of acidic rain. Acidic rain! From radiation. Dark gods, wasn’t this in the secondary school syllabus? At least check your facts before believing every single thing. And the best part is that rain has been acidic for thousands of years already. The world isn’t that polluted enough (yet) to cause it to be highly corrosive. Makes me want to grab one of these idiots and smack their heads in with a textbook. Rather than spend all that money on overstocking you might as well donate it or simply use it for something more productive.

Then there’s also the ongoing violence in Libya. As of this writing, government troops are still stamping down on rebel forces with civilians caught in the crossfire, despite a pledge for cease fire scant hours ago. UN Security seems set to intervene sometime very soon.

There are lots of other news going round if you’d do a quick browse through. There’s also the upcoming Singapore GE to think about. Generally I’m fairly apathetic when it comes to politics because I have a strong distaste for such affairs, but one has to know when to step up and do something about it. Granted I’m not going around being an activist and promoting political awareness or anything.

Now all this has got me reflecting again. Had there been little to no media coverage of the disaster in Japan, would people have cared? If the only news the general public got was a few headlines, some facts and updates without all the photos, videos and personal accounts of survivors: would sentiment on the ground be any different?

If not, then why isn’t there enough help for all the other unfortunate people out there? Look past all the natural disasters and instead take a look at the problems on a more human-level in countries around the world. There’s so many I’m not even sure where to begin. Back when I was much younger, I wanted to be a photojournalist. I wanted to leave this bubble of relative safety and traverse down in the depths of humanity and into the jaws of danger, to record the plights of people for whom the concepts of security, comfort and freedom are utterly alien. And I wanted to show it to the rest of the world. Show them that their fellow man needed every help they can get. It’s far more tragic when these victims turn out to be children; they never had a choice.

Basically, in my naivety I wanted to change the world. Its funny how time can do a lot to change a person.

I’ll leave this, and my warped ideas of a solution, for another time. There’s going to be a few photo posts as well as some 40K updates in the near future.

My rare rash

Test Marine.

I leave you with the gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3. I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time. After the distractions of Bad Company, Dice can return to their roots and hopefully, a multiplayer mechanic I loved. Their new engine looks absolutely lovely and their ADS (Aim-Down-Sights) is a nice balance of gaming and reality. I hope every level has this quality of polish. Call of Duty’s campaign has lately been reduced into a boring grindfest of wave after endless wave of enemies, so I’m having some high hopes for this one.


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