Going Beyond

“1000 Words”
Composed by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi
Arranged by Hiroko Kokubu
Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collections (2004)

Performed by Arkton.

Comments: One of the reasons why I listen to soundtracks is because of expression. An orchestra, or even just a piano, has a wide range and I’m not simply talking about tonal values. Soundtracks are there to either tell you a story, or help to convey it. Sometimes, all it needs to do is to capture an emotion.

What I’m getting at is that some things you just simply cannot express with words. Everyone knows how limited vocabulary is, especially with English and especially when it comes to emotions. Seeing them explained and defined in written form just makes it feel sterile. I mean hell, I’m struggling to think of how to type this out too.

To me, songs just tell me so much more when there aren’t any lyrics involved. It frees you up to interpretation, bound within a generalised emotion already established by the score.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a unique game. It had its fair share of detractors and initially I was one of them. It just felt way too girly for my manliness to understand, haha. Granted it did have an all-female cast and the story was centred on Yuna (and for the record, FFX was NOT about Tidus!). Combined with the all the YRP (YuRiPa) bits reminiscent of an all-girl idol group and the dress-changing mini-game* during battles, I’m hard pressed to convince you it wasn’t the least bit feminine at all.

*Yeah they changed outfits and roles for different bonuses but come on admit it… it was a dress-changing mini-game!

It is a fun game, however, and like most Final Fantasy games there was an underlying theme and message to it all. But that’s not the point here. FFX-2 had a lovely soundtrack. Having lost the genius that is Nobuo Uematsu to compose for them, they opted to take the music in a different direction rather than emulate what Uematsu-san did. Was this for the better? All I can say is that I am a big fan of Uematsu-san, haha. My all-time favourite FF Piano Collection song, however, happens to come from the FFX-2 version. It’s a fairly simple piece and it’s been featured on any number of my previous blogs on more than one occasion.

So I took this instead. 1000 Words is the title song for X-2 and you can listen to the original version here. You may gasp and wonder why I picked the English version. If you’ve played the game before then you would know: Koda Kumi’s voice is just too deep for Yuna! Yes lots of people agree too. Also… yeah it’s nice and all but me being me I’ll take my instrumentals thanks haha.

So recently a friend of mine went through a lot. Heck, she’s been through a lot her whole life but this one event changes things. I hope she pulls through this and carries on with her plans for the future. She’s a strong woman and I have faith in her. I honestly don’t know what else to do or say, but if I’m ever needed then I’m always around, though this soul may not be able to provide much.


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