Like… whoa

“T.T.L (Time To Love) [feat. Choshinsung]”
Absolute First Album (2009)
Core Contents Media/MNet

Comment: It’s usually very difficult to get me to listen to this sort of genre. Most times I end up listening because I have the album on loop for a few times and the songs just start to grow on me. This is the case with T-ara. It’s become sort of a guilty pleasure haha.

I’ve been sitting on my ass in front of the computer the entire day. Downgraded this PC to XP like I mentioned before so that it’ll take up less overhead and OH MY DARK GODS it took the better half of the ENTIRE DAY. I feel fat now.

I ran into an endless gauntlet of problems which totally took me by surprise. I basically installed Windows three times. On the third go I just went “ah screw it” and reformatted everything for a totally clean install. That did the trick, only after I meddled with the boot files a bit. After that I had to configure everything, install applications, drivers, codecs and what-not.

AH! The drivers! Sonofa- the number of conflicts I ran into them was a whole different story, A majority of the backed up drivers I had didn’t work ’cause there was too large a gap between the versions. I tried manually updating them but after an hour I would have walked out and killed everyone so instead I paid for this driver management program which thankfully solved my woes. The bloody thing is only a 30-day subscription license… At 7+PM, I finally had a PC running on XP with audio and graphics settings.

Now I’m organising all my media and documents which are spread out between three different hard-drives. Can’t wait to get my new PC so I won’t have to keep transferring stuff here and there. I’m only at the second drive right now but shall go sleep soon, meeting my daughter tomorrow before she starts work. Feeling old, feeling lots of things…

I clearly didn’t get any painting done today, much to my dismay. Also ever since my “rashes burst” yesterday I haven’t done any arm exercises for fear of them starting to spurt or something. Which annoys me. I don’t really care for the rest, only when I’m in the mood haha.

Hmmm. More work to do, including finding a job.

As you can see, they're still leaking... stuff.

Doesn't it look just like a health potion?! Haha.


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