Upload Frenzy

Remember when I said I had a bunch of photos to upload? Yeeeeeah…

“Passion” (from Kingdom Hearts II)
Utada Hikaru
Passion (2005)

Performed by:
Kyle Landry on piano
Josh Chiu on violin

Comments: I’ve never been a big fan of Kingdom Hearts but I do give it credit for it’s musical work. Please do note I can only comment on the first two games as I’ve never played the subsuequent versions. Anyway Passion is the title song for KHII and while I love both this and Hikari from the previous game, my preference tends to lean towards this one. They’re both written and performed by Utada Hikaru so that makes it extra win, haha.

Anyway what you’re listening/watching is the instrumental cover by two YouTube performers, Kyle and Josh. Now I’ve been a big fan of Kyle ever since like, ’06-’07 and it’s been awesome seeing him cover more genres and titles as well as see his playing improve. Most importantly, he does great improvisations. So it has come to my attention that lately he’s been doing collaborations with other YouTube performers and so I’ve been going round looking at all of them. Decided to settle on this one for the post, haha.

It always never ceases to make me wonder where all my money disappeared to when I was younger. I could have definitely afforded a piano if I had gotten round to saving then, haha. Now there’s so many things to juggle financially. Ah, well.

Well I have absolutely no intention of typing anything. Haven’t been feeling spectacular lately in more ways than one and rather than wait for a double rainbow to perk up my day I’ll just post up the entire batch of photos I was supposed to upload over the past few months. I believe most of them are already up on FaceBook but hell, I rather be putting them up here. So I can put my silly captions, haha.

Please bear with the quantity and lack of coherency in themes. Fifty-seven (57) images await your perusal.

Dettol. It solves everything.

The very idea of painting him terrifies me. I still need to perfect my regular guys.

Ginger Beer is the only beer my stomach acknowledges. Maybe because I haven't drank good ale, but I've developed an aversion to alchohol.

I seriously find the height of that to be awe-inspiring. Now imagine it was the barrel of an artillery piece...

My very first vehicle! Yeah I need to drill those barrels, and gluing that dude together was a bad idea on hindsight.

I will kill you until you die from it!

Much later, upon looking at it from a different angle...

Please give up your magical invisible seats to the elves and fairies.

More Magical items! We must have dropped off at "Far Far Away" or something...

"I can has a tree."

Imperial: "Are these reinforcements?" Eater: "Can it be for eatings?"

Imperial: "Why does this disproportionate human weep?"

Surprize buttsex!

Yeah like, I got this before the rest of Singapore did.


Such exhausting activity surely calls for food.

Eater: "Rawr! Dumplings for the nom!"

Imperial: "It's... yellow... +_+"

My brain cannot compute the size of that leg. I crash everytime I do.

Heeeyyy that's no orange!

Mr. Snowman must have been really happy to see us...

M-m-monster! I feel sad for it.

Teamwork: it brings results.

There was this stuffed bear exhibit going on at Central.

I loved this one!

Can be kinda creepy if you have human kids tucked in bed instead.

For those of you wondering about the prices.

I bet it ate the witch.

There were of course the derpy ones.

More cards!

For the travellers!

Eater: "Hey whatcha doing here?" Imperial: o_o

Imperial: O_O Eater: .__.;

Charcoal, being useful yet again.

Imperial: "Needs sugar!" Eater: *sucks*

Imperial: "Require assistance!" Eater: "Blargh--"

Puni puni!

"Whoa whoa whoa what is this?"



I didn't know Pepsi had a new look



More boomerang!

Bless fast shutter speeds.

There were a couple of videos of this boomerang session as well. Here, have some some lulz at my expense (the last part):

And hey, since I’m stealing videos off of Ken’s channel, here’s what the two us did back in February during the Chinese New Year period.

Yeah, Fortune in da house y'all!

Watch Part 1 (the pre-dance) here!
Watch Part 2 (actual show) here!

Hahaha, fun times, fun times.

Well now I’ve got to work on the photos off the camera. I’m not doing them all, only those that I’ll be uploading because I’m not getting Lightroom installed on this PC. Just for randomness sake, I’ve also been reading Junji Ito’s newer works lately. Some disturbing stuff going on. Not as bad as a few particular mindscrews I’ve come across, but then again this is horror.

So that’s that. Now excuse me while I go and try to convince myself to see a tomorrow.


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