Ah, I was supposed to post up some stuff but decided to wait til the weekends. Got tied up reading/looking up on painting pointers this week and time really flies when you’re learning stuff you’re interested in. I tried another method to paint my Marines and I like how the yellow is looking but I lose a lot of shadows and highlights, so it loooks pretty flat. Isn’t easy trying to achieve the sort of look I want, but I think I’m getting there. Just means I’m going to have to burn through more test models, unless I strip these few. This is I sort of want to keep them so I can see my progress over the next few weeks, months and years.

Thinking about it, I’m taking a very casual approach to the hobby, unlike a vast majority of the other hobbyists who seem very much into competitive play. Not that I’m promoting any particular side or anything, but I really want to take this slow, take my time and produce some really nice-looking models. I’m even considering expanding out of the 40K range, just to paint, ’cause there are some really well-made models out there! Once I’m good enough I’ll definitely tackle them.

In any case, I’ll be going to experiment more with washes, dry-brushing and dilution ratios. Once I nail and master the basics to churn out a good looking model, I’ll then move on to things like wet-blending and perhaps even free-hand, NMM and sculpting. So much to do! And so much to buy, haha. I need more tools. I hope the Art Friend at Bras Basah has what I need, lest I have to purchase them from UK.

Re-watched Tangled. It’s a great show but now that I’ve watched it a second time, I’ve picked up some of the things they could have done better. Got a few other movies to catch up on. Have to juggle between that, painting and Dungeon Siege II. For a 2005 game, they did a LOT of things right. I love it! The camera is a wonder to work with, the controls and layout are seamless and the party system is just yum. I foresee myself playing this a lot. Which is bad, haha, cos I am also in dire need of a job now: I cannot possibly go through May if I don’t work in April.

I really, really, really hope that Dungeon Siege III lives up to it’s predecessor’s standard, or even exceeds it! May 2011 release date, so soon. Too soon.

Yup filler post is… really all over the place.


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