Wish I had an occular picter implant!

Blondie: [counting Angel Eyes’ men] One, two, three, four, five, and six. Six, the perfect number.
Angel Eyes: I thought three was the perfect number.
Blondie: I’ve got six more bullets in my gun.
-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1966)

“Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) (Main Title)”
Ennio Morricone
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Remastered)(2004)
Capitol Records

Comments: I’ve been watching Clint Eastwood movies lately, and they are AWESOME. I figure this particular track would be more recognisable than the rest so that’s why I’m putting it up. Ennio Morricone is also one beast of a composer, I’m loving all the works he’s done so far and this piece is no exception at all. It captures the whole essence of the movie and genre perfectly. Nothing like a good ol’ Spaghetti Western where a revolver, a quick trigger and an equally fast wit solves your problems. Damn just listening to it again makes me want to rewatch it, haha!

In a world of loud, energetic extroverts, we introverts have a tough time trying to fit in to expectations. Let me introduce to you the concept of the “introvert battery”. This might not apply to all but since when has anything?

If you’ve ever gone out with me long enough, you’d notice I’d tend to grow quieter in one of the two following scenarios:
(A) It’s been a long day out.
(B) I’m out with a group of people; multiply effect if unknown people/acquaintances are included in said group.

The battery is a literal idea: the charge will deplete over an extended period of use. Similarly, if more charge is required, it’ll run out faster. So apply this concept, if you will, everytime you go out with an introvert.

If we’re close, there is a retarding effect (by retardation I mean this, not this). Herp derp. Also, this effect multiplies the closer we are, or if there is a level of affection involved.

Hence, there will always be varying degrees of activity/socialibility on my side depending on these factors.

Sounds confusing?

/reads it over
Ah well, you’ll figure it out, haha. I’ve read this up before I believe, just felt that it needed to be reflected here as wel. Of course in general I have grown much more quieter over these past few years.

Getting on with it, here are more pictures which are far more recent than the previous ones!

We have a Land Raider!

The new Storm Raven model, belonging to Daryl.

The Sanguinator. He glows.

Our 'God' for the day i.e. placing terrain. I didn't like his placement, cost me a unit of men. :(

We rolled a 4 for five-to-six times in a row. It was our mission deployment roll and seems like fate has decreed.

Things can get messy when you don't have a built-up board and terrain, haha.

We shall hide in this ruin!

I'm sure this is just a mess to the majority of you seeing this.

Stick in formation and hope no orbital blast comes our way!

Hurr, I am Land Speeder, I will hurt you.

Into the swirling frenzy of combat!

Frozen Mochi? More like frozen b**** off a corpse...

Jaw Breakers. Fifteen minutes of sucking or one minute of agony. Your choice!

Dear Burger King, I used to be a fan... I would like to stress in particular: used to be.

Where are you going, ser?

Wai halo thar.

Photography where you least expect it!

It's not a security camera, it's not a missile-launcher turret, it's a... fan!

And they're riding the escalator to... yeah ok forget it.

Tripod actually proved useful that day!

Little did we know, that Centrepoint had a hidden "tattoo".

EWF something prawn-paste burger with sour cream fries~

Fish burger thingy which is actually nice with salt and vineger fries!

Ginger in my tea? Awwwwwww yyyyeeeaaaaaaaah!

French Rose Tea

Ms. Orchard Road

Oh hey look more unpainted Warhammer 40,000 models! Haha.

And more Space Wolves!

Sir, the terrain seemed to have re-arranged itself since last we made battle!

Awamori! Reminds me of cognac, really.

Yum peanut tofu... thing.

Tiny shrimp with salt? Yes please.

Gotta love all that Okra slime.

Food nais. Me gusta.

Wait wait whose juice is this?!

Bishan Park going through a revamp... looks like wasteland from Fallout!

And I bet this drainage tunnel leads to an Imperial jail, just like Oblivion! Oh Bethesda, I know you're funding the park!

Hump a lion. Like a boss.

Keep not one's chocolate biscuits in zip-lock, lest one wish to be confused with a liking for scat.

Kitty~ I got too close and he pawed at my camera and actually hooked it with his claws. Luckily my lens escaped scratch-free!

Kitten! I have many tiny scratches and nicks thanks to this guy, but d'awww so cute.

Puppy~ This place breaks my heart, I swear. Stupid irresponsible owners.

Not everyday you get to take a reflection of a HDB estate!

French Toast just got much more delicious, as if that was possible in the first place.

Til next time folks, I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do.


2 thoughts on “Wish I had an occular picter implant!

    It’s actually their stupid mashed potato burger. I think going to KFC and literally putting their mashed potato into their Zinger or something would bebetter.

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