It is an oppressively warm night. I took a shower not more than 30mins ago and already I’m feeling a tad hot. “Summer” is fast approaching and for those of us stuck in sunny, humid Singapore, things will only get worse.

I will now straight up admit that I do not have a blog entry this week; it’s another filler. I simply do not have content. Heck, I’m even a day late, but at least there’s something posted up, haha.

“Fallout 3 Main Title”
Composed by Inon Zur

Dialogue: I really like this one. It’s heavy, trudging and purposeful before slowly building up. What comes to mind is attrition, exhaustion and hope. I’m being damn cryptic I know. I feel like I’m getting worse at trying to describe music. Probably is true. Being tired wouldn’t be an excuse though.

In any case, fun fact: Inon Zur also composed for Dragon Age, Crysis and tonnes of other titles across different media. Here’s one from Dragon Age. You can clearly tell it’s his style. He’s really aggressive with the brass and his strings are usually sweeping, epic phrases. I liek. He’s mostly composing for the video-games industry now, having done his share of television and film.

Also if you’ve never played Fallout 3 or Dragon Age: Origins, then please do so on the PC. No gamer should ever miss these, or rather, any recent and upcoming titles from Bethesda Game Studios and BioWare. They’re landmarks!

Well quick update regarding my job. I hated it initially. First thing I did when I got home was go through the contract again and looked under “Termination”. But I decided to give it a chance and settle into it. It’s fine I suppose. But definitely not going to extend it. Working night shift is as what I expected it to be: quiet and cool. Kinda fun when you go home at 7+ in the morning and you see almost everyone going in the opposite direction. I dunno, I get a kick out of that, haha. I think it mostly boils down to the fact that I hate crowds, especially so on public transportation.

Needless to say the novelty has sort of worn off by now.

I’m looking forward to the new PC. I’m not looking forward to pay for it, haha. Tonnes of other stuff I gotta buy, nothing new of course. Gotta’ start looking for my next job. Also gotta email a few polytechnics and find out when the lesser-known second intake of the year would be. Blah blah blah depressing crap deleted.

As you can see I’ve been keeping my hair for a bit. I’m meaning to go for a haircut but I just don’t know where. Think I’ll just get one anyway next weekend or so. Looking forward to watching Source Code!

EDIT: Oh right almost forgot. Politics in the air! I am one fairly apathetic when it comes to it, as I have been the past two decades (you know you’re old when you start throwing the word “decades” around). I also have my respect for the current ruling party for what they have done. But they’ve been making mistakes these past few years. One too many. I’m aware of economic growth and stability despite the recent financial crisis. I’m also aware of the few things they have done right. But the scales are tipped against their favour. It’s time for change. What I want, personally, is for enough of an opposition presence in parliament to ensure all parties step up their game and work in favour of the people’s benefits without overlooking their wishes. Easier said than done, of course, but that’s their job. I’m not gonna touch deeper on it, I have other things I rather be doing.

Bloody hell it really is warm…


One thought on “In-Betweens

    It is painfully… painful. Justus and I walked out halfway, and he has never walked out from a movie (which he paid for).

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