I have always approached this blog with the assumed interests of the reader in mind. It is due to this very reason, however, that there have been very few posts as of late, compared to previously. I figured short posts with less text and more imagery would be far more interesting and palatable to the small assortment of viewers I get.

Rather than attempt to cater to this very small demographic, I shall simply return to my regular blog style and make this less “commercial”, for lack of a better word at the present moment.

I will still be maintaning certain styles to post structure and such; just expect more text from now onwards.

In fact, to be perfectly honest I do not expect anybody to read this either. I’ll be writing this mainly for myself. And since I’ve mentioned the word “honest”, that’s one of the things you’ll see coming from me much more often now onwards.

“Air on the G String”
Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BM 1068

Comments: I have always had this love-hate relationship with classical music.

On the one hand, they are just stupendously beautiful pieces of music. Find a quiet morning or night, don a pair of headphones and just let yourself sail away with it. Really quite magical. Of course, to fully and truly appreciate the genre you’ll have to understand the intricacies behind composition; only then will you come to understand why some of these names have been likened as “musical geniuses”. It’s all well over my head.

On the other hand, they are at risk of being long, draggy and downright torture to sit through. I know far more people who group classical music in this category than they do the former and I have on occassion done so myself, which is a shame really. This usually stems as a result of not knowing the story behind it, to not being in the right environment or even just listening to it at the wrong time.

Alas, I do not discount the fact that musical tastes also play a big factor. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Look at me: I’ll take classical over mainstream radio any day, thank you.

Whatever the case, enjoy this Aria!

I was in the midst of my daily morning update when I noticed a peculiarity. To be specific, I was on Facebook when I saw that I had different sort of notification (I unsubscribed from email notifications, what a relief): I had a pending friend request. How odd, I thought. There weren’t any recent FB requests that went unresolved so this must be one of those random adds.

Rather than this being someone I know or have at the very least, met before, this turns out to be a completely random add request. Literally. There were only two mutual friends I knew (who probably were wondering who this person was themselves) and a quick glance through the person’s profile reveals scant little but more than enough decisive information: new profile and on an add-everybody-I-can roll. Solution: Ignore.

What’s the deal with these people?

Now, before I can get into the problems I have with such individuals, I’m going to have to address what Facebook does for me in the first place.

Facebook debuted in my life back when we younglings were still playing in the sandbox with Friendster. Remember those times? Ahh, the chance to publicly share photos with groups of friends and even give testimonials! Compared to what we get to do these days, it was really a simple joy. It changed the way we behaved online because up til then, Instant Messengers were the way to go (unless you belonged to the mIRC crowd too).

Now FB took all that and brought it a step further in terms of interactivity. Apps (were they called as such back then?) were still new and being implemented and there were tonnes of other features which simply brought about a mass migration over to the Facebook brand. How can anyone forget the early days of simple amusement which all started with “X poked Y”?

Take away all it’s pretty decorations and shiny new tools, however, and underneath it all it’s still the very same idea: social networking. Keeping in touch with your friends and, more importantly, making new ones! Oh how I dreaded it so.

I have never held much faith in “making new friends” through places such as FB. Other than getting to know each other’s names, what they look like on camera and a diminished sense of what the other person is like, you’re pretty much just acquaintances. Or maybe that’s just me, because I’ve never made an effort to “make friends” in the first place. If they come along and I think it’ll work out, then hey, all’s good. If not then well, wasn’t expecting anything anyway.

OK so fine, I’m not using it to meet new people. Sure. Despite the fact that it’s designed for you to do so, I refuse to play along. The other aspect to FB has to be it’s status as a middleman for social news. You can pretty much tell where someone is and what they’re pretty much doing going by general FB profile information alone, which a lot of people are more than happy to provide. Then there are the status updates, which I’m sure most self-declared “stalkers” can glean much information from.

Me? I grew up believing in being untraceable (which is something I’ve always wanted to talk about but never had the time to; potential topic!) so I leave a morsel or two for visitors to get by.

So, where do the attention-craving people fit in, then? I’m just throwing a wild analysis here but I think people who feel the need to impress themselves upon so many random people would count as needing attention, no? (Or maybe it’s just one of those extrovert things, what do I know?)

Well, for one, they impinge upon my privacy bubble. I really do my best to keep my “friends” list on FB as manageable as possible. Of course, there are occassions where you have no choice but to accept certain requests out of courtesy because it is really ridiculous saying “Oh, I don’t have FB” when you’re in your 20s and living in a city such as Singapore. I admit I have lost a considerable measure of control over the past year, though.

Along comes this hapless mosquito. It will send you a friend request. If you unwittingly decide to accept it, it then proceeds to send your friends requests as well. It’s a chain-effect. Much like the maligned chain-emails and text messages of times gone by, you’ve got to learn to say “bugger off!” It saves you and the people you know the trouble of having to deal with said mosquito.

What really annoys me is my inability to comprehend just why someone would go through all the trouble of pretending to know all these strangers. Do you talk to any single one of them? No! Because you’re too busy adding more people to your list. To what end?! So you can look at that four-figure-number of friends (hell I honestly do not know what the limit is so excuse me here) and feel some sense of pride and self-worth? How many of those people are gonna care that something good or bad happened to you? Chances are their replies will probable precede/succeed with a “who are you?”

I guess you could consider this a rant. I’m tired of these people and their requests. I wish instead of a quiet declination you could actually have the option of making a really loud announcement on their “wall” or something that goes like “XYZ HAS DECLINED A FRIENDSHIP REQUEST! D:”

Believe it or not there’s supposed to be a different topic that comes after this but it’s getting a tad long I believe? So as some form of recompense, here, have an old photo I dug up from social media graves.

And this is me years later? Oh, how times change!

Oh and I like this song. Here, something catchy. And yes, there’s no video. Why distract you from the music?!

“Build Me Up Buttercup”
The Foundations

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