Fujifilm FinePix X100. Taken from dpreview.com (Click to read review)

Oh Gods, they’ve finally done it. This camera has a design I absolutely LOVE. It’s beautiful! I love the rangefinder aesthetic, and this manages to capture it. Analogue control dials, eye-level viewfinder… my blood is pumping through my old, weary veins.

So this camera passes the looks department with flying colours.
But what about it’s performance?

I’m still in the midst of reading the review. I’m pleased that at the very least it’s an APS-C sensor. I would very much love a full-frame sensor but haha, we all know that with that price range, it’ll take me decades before I finally lay my hands on one.

Alas, I’ve already come across a fact that has me wary: it’s a fixed F2 lens. I’ve got mixed feelings regarding this. Should I go with this (and maybe make my Canon G11 redundant now) or go with things like the Olympus Pen and Sony NEX? My problem with the latter two is that there is no viewfinder (unless I purchase the accessory; pointless) and that controls are hidden in the menus, especially so in the case of the NEX. Which I find beyond annoying. Hardware controls are the reason why I bought the G11.

Sigh, what to do, what to do?!
Maybe I should just stick with the Leica and keep dreaming, haha!


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