An Affinity For No

Note: I originally posted this as a note on FaceBook and after a while it occured to me that I might as well use it for my blog too! Haha!

Watch this first:

Dear George Lucas,

It has taken a considerable amount of time for me to get over the travesties you have visited upon the Star Wars saga with the prequel films. I’m sure this has been discussed countless times before by individuals far more qualified than I am, so I shall leave my stand at that.

As a young lad, I grew up watching Episodes IV to VI on VHS, LaserDisc, VCD, DVD and hell, even on TV when they air the marathons. I find solace in these three movies whenever the topic of Star Wars come into mind: they stand testament to the awesome that is The Force, lighsabers, Sith and all that jazz (disregarding all other media).

Imagine the horror, the absolute, soul-chilling horror when I discovered only just now, that you were about to do something to the upcoming Blu-Ray release. That you were about to CHANGE something.

Think back on Episode III and on a particular word that resounded in theatres across the globe, much to the amusement and dismay of audiences and fans alike. Hint: Darth Vader.

Yes. No. I mean, the word in question is “No.” You should learn to use that in life, too.

Now, I do not know nor do I presume to know the reasoning behind this move. Perhaps you’re simply being a massive troll. Perhaps you’ve thought: “oh I haven’t had my hand in Star Wars affairs for years, let me do something new!” Or perhaps you honestly thought that this would be an improvement.

No, it is not. Hear me! *cue R2-D2’s holo-projector* Lucas, turn back now while you still can! The fate of a galaxy far, far away rests with you. This is one of the most memorable scenes in Return of the Jedi! Don’t do it! …noooooooooo!


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