Would the following video be unexpected coming from me? Haha. It’s not exactly a new song but believe it or not, I only got to actually listen to the lyrics properly earlier today and I really liked it. Because, you know: Romeo and Juliet. Paired with a music video featuring the sort of awesome clothing you can’t wear regularly these days and I’ll tend to like it, haha. I didn’t even know Taylor Swift sang this though I knew the voice sounded damn familiar.

It’s nice to know that amongst some of the rubbish that passes off for music these days, there are still some nice ones.

And of course, the obligatory reassertion-of-my-manliness part. I wanted to put a Viking metal video but then I came across this awesome video. As I’ve said before, if I were to have a sport in Singapore it’d be paintball. But I’m a poor sod with way too many expensive hobbies so… *shrug*.


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