The Stairway

Being an introspective person, questioning the meaning of life is now a “been there, done that” affair. Yet, despite the countless hours of contemplation and self-debate, I’ve yet to come up with an eloquent, philosophical phrase that sums up my own beliefs.

What then, you might ask, would be my answers to one of humanitys’ greatest question? (Yay political correctness*.)

*I point this out because recently I had the pleasure of meeting a lady who introduced herself as the Chairman of the RC I live in. Chairman. It felt pretty awkward to me.

Oh, you’re not asking what my views are?
…I’m gonna tell you anyway. It’s my damn blog, haha. (Until WordPress decides to stop hosting them for free, that is.)

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.” -Oscar Wilde

It’s simple, really. Everything we do in life revolves around it, no? Be it love in God, love in the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, love for your friends or love for the things you enjoy. I believe it to be underlying principle behind living, for without it, why else would spend our years doing the mundane things that keeps us alive while our body slowly dies?

“Poor the artist may be in life, but how poor life is without the artist.” -Tan Ming Ken?

I’ve come to know that quote from Ken and I really, really like it. Cultural advancement, that is to say art, music, movies and all other forms of media are what makes us human. We’re the only animal amongst all the other species of life known to Man out there that actively partake in such activities. A subset of intelligence and self-awareness, perhaps? I’m not going to dive into deeper brain-massaging topics because I don’t want to and I’m too darn lazy. Or maybe I’ve grown stupid after all the years of academic absence. *shrug*

The point is: music. Depression and growing up have and are killing some of the things I enjoy but music is what I come back to everyday. It’s what I look forward to each night. It’s funny then, how I only really started listening to music back when I was 12.

I was fortunate to grow up listening to good tunes, mainly due to family influence. People of the past generation all know how to truly appreciate music: quality speaker systems and playing them loud from CDs and other records. Not like most of my current generation, all listening to their compressed mp3s on all sorts of nonsense players.

Despite this, I never did actively listen to it. I did turn on the radio every now and then but dark gods all they ever play was love songs. Everybody else seemed to be listening to it too. Ugh. I did fine with my books, thanks. Or so I thought.

One day a friend brought a CD to class. Out of curiosity, I decided to borrow it. Needless to say, I went spelunking through my savings (yes, as hard as it is to believe it, I had savings), went out and bought that CD the very next day. It came with a bonus VCD too!

Yes, the very first song I truly listened to was RHCPs’ “Otherside”. I loved it. Hearing it now, it has every aspect I love about music: A band making their own music with instruments led to my thing for orchestras, soundtracks and other instrumental bands; background vocals, which in turn led the way to acapella groups, choirs and quality singing; lyrics which don’t make that much sense, causing me to not pay them much attention as long as they went really well the song musically so I was fine with foreign-language songs (looking at you, Japan) and in a way also supporting the whole instrumental thing. Even the video is awesome.

Wow, that looks confusing. I wonder if those are structurally sound paragprahs. Hmm. In any case, that’s how it all started. Don’t ever take my music away from me.

“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.” – Aristotle

Because, duh? They’re the only reason why I’m still alive, despite them not really knowing much about my affairs, haha. In their defense I never like talking about myself. I’ve drifted apart from most of my friends for selfish reasons which I shall not share, but I’m trying to change that now. It’s not easy when you’re not social and have become more introverted over the years, though.


And so you see, it all goes back to the root of things. The points I’ve listed above all relate back to the first. Sort of. Well actually it seems like another badly thought-of post and an excuse to talk about how I started music but eh, just play along, hahaha.

So plug in your earphones/headphones (because nobody who reads this owns good enough speakers, don’t bother arguing :p), close your eyes and just listen to this song. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to know me better.


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