Aural Affection

This week, I was all set to purchase a pair of these:

Steel Series Siberia v2 USB Gaming Headset.

Seriously. I was so caught up in the whole “Oh lawd I can’t get the Astro A40s in Singapore, I need to acquire something else that sounds good!”

And then earlier today, while out on my lunch outing, a friend said something that made perfect sense. I could slap myself for not even thinking such an obvious thing!

Instead of buying these gaming headsets, which, let’s all face it, don’t give you the best sound quality for what you’re paying, I should just buy a cheap, decent desktop microphone.


Audio-Technica ATH-AD700

You see, my current pair of Alessandro headphones are great. I love them. Aside from two tiny facts: the cables are giving way and the headband is kinda broken. And by “kinda broken” I mean one can has totally detached itself from the rest. I can still slot it back on and chunk it back on my head, but really, its just sad and annoying. And the cable. Ugh.

So kill two birds with one stone! Gaming gear + audio gear!

I figure the Audio-Technica will be a decent upgrade. It’s not my ideal “dream set-up” of course. I don’t happen to have $1.5k+ to spend on audio equipment. Even if I did, I’d be splurging it all on my new PC.

I bought my Alessandro’s for about $175 I think? Can’t remember. The ATH-AD700s are about $240. So it’s not too bad.  I still don’t know why people buy those Monster Beats headphones… branding makes people do really stupid things, sometimes.

Why don’t I just go invest more and get my ideal headphones? Because they cost about $600 plus. And they’re high-impedance, so I’ll need an amplifier to drive them. For a start. There’s the DAC too. These two items combined can buy me another pair of headphones!

So no. I shall spend about $260, new headphones and microphone. Still considering over whether I should get an external soundcard, like the Creative X-Fi. Just that… I really do not like the whole direction they’re taking with the X-Fi technology… shall see, shall see.

Just more ramblings from a lad who has too many expensive hobbies without the financial support backing them all, haha.


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