The Greatest Gift

(Before you proceed, if you choose to watch any of the videos, please do so in HD! It’s not just better video, it’s better audio too :D)

At the end of the day, there’s always music:

Girl knows how to fiddle AND dance! Seriously, one of the best things in life has to be loving the music you make and it sure is a joy watching and listening to her play.

This: Electric Daisy Violin
And this: Zelda Violin Duet
And this! Love this, the music and the video!: Transcendence
Here here, the behind-the-scenes video for Transcendence :D

Oh man, I need more Lindsey! When you release an album, please have physical CD copies as an option! Or at the very least, Apple Lossless on iTunes or FLAC! D8

On the other end, for something a little more… traditional?

ThePianoGuys are about to release their first album soon, I can’t wait!

First song I heard: Michael Meets Mozart (Joe Schmidt + Steven Sharp Nelson)
This is a really fun piece: The Cello Song  – Bach is back… ( Steven Sharp Nelson)
Beautiful: Bring Him Home – Les Misérables (Joe Schmidt + Steven Sharp Nelson)

And since Adelle’s Rolling In The Deep has been mentioned… I really, really like the song! It’s modern blues. Her voice, the lyrics, the passion behind them. Ah man…

Props to all the musicians! You give me hope, in more ways than you can guys (and girls) can imagine. Of course, credits to all the production teams behind the video too.


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