Scrolls, everywhere!

The entire month of November for the gaming community has been nothing but Skyrim.

Lovely piece!

There have been other great releases as well that deserve their own mention, like Saints Row: The Third which I cannot recommend enough of, but c’mon, we can all safely say things have been dwarfed by the Dovahkiin, haha. I’m glad that the series is getting more exposure and players. You have no idea how sad I get when I mention Morrowind or Oblivion and some people have no idea what it’s about or they think it’s “too deep” for them. It’s as simple and straight-forward or as complex and deep as you want it to be! If you remember my earlier fan-gasm post, I’m a whore for The Elder Scrolls. (I really just spazzed all over the place in that post, hah.)

Before I continue… am I playing Skyrim?

Yes, if you notice, I’ve played it, but have been playing TES IV: Oblivion instead. “What madness is this?!” I hear you ask? Well take an awkwardly-stiff sitdown and have some mead while I regale my tale to you.

You see, months before 12/11/11, the local release for Skyrim, my plans have already been in motion. During a lead-up to a game that I absolutely adore, I always try to do one thing: play the previous titles. Yes, just like a movie-marathon! Only this time, it’s a game-athon. And with Elder Scrolls games, yeah, I pretty much needed months of time.

I played Morrowind first. Not on Steam so the dates aren’t listed, but I did take some screenshots to share at the time. They were for a far more personal audience, hence the plethora of emotes in the captions.

They were taken when I was about 90% done with the game, expansions and all, so I’m pretty much decked out. You had to be at that point, you were going to kill a god! Well… actually after all the gear you get he’s pretty much a wuss but here, check his fight out (not mine).

Gods I miss the Levitation spell. I always cast it before talking to an NPC, so they’d have to look up at me in my prophesied splendour, hahaha. Graphics dated huh? Don’t let that stop you from trying it out! Lots of people still regard Morrowind as the better game, and the theme song will always be #1 to me.

Anyway, on to the screenshots.

Its the little references to other provinces like this that make me grin.

My loot! Now you don't really get to purchase property in Morrowind, so you just have to... 'acquire one via force'.

In Vvardenfell, the Morag Tong is an ancient assassins guild and the only you can join in Morrowind. The Dark Brotherhood descended from the MT and are now at war with each other! DB agents do appear and try to kill you regardless of your affiliations in the course of the game though.

A practice I picked up 3/4 of the way through the game was trapping the souls of the mini-bosses I encounter. Made me feel extra evil and powerful, having their souls in my hands. Their names no longer appear on the Soul Gems in Oblivion :(

Had accumulated quite a number. There's a museum you can donate them to.

Sithis is the patron for the Dark Brotherhood. I'm more a DB than a MT person, haha. The sentence is pure conjecture based off lore, not sure if there's Dark Brotherhood presence in TES V: Skyrim at all right now. Please don't tell me, either!

Yeah I couldn't help it, haha. My characters in all single-player RPGS are usually named after myself (first playthrough) or some variation of it.

And that concludes the older screenshots. Now for the recent Oblivion ones!

My female Khajit, Adre'a. Human females feel weird, because when they're naked (yes naked, both men and women, because I can) it feels awkward. Not strange when it's a cat-lady though, haha. Restarted shortly after this with another kitty named Ae'de.

The emblem on that shield look familiar? Dragon bloodlines were a theme in Oblivion as well, with the whole Tiber Septim lineage of emperors.

A fascinating aspect about conversations in Oblivion: the rest of the world stops in time!

Ah, the very first Oblivion Gate you encounter in-game. Basically, you're going to hell (Oblivion) to fight demons (Daedra) and close them gates. Its awesome until they decided to make them appear randomly on the map as well; it takes too much time to close each one!

I love the bow and arrow. Sometimes, you get shots that impale just above an Imp's butt like this. All blue because of Night Eye, which I had as a Khajit racial ability.

And also because when arrows get stuck and the person doesn't die, it's quite lulz.

This is what it looks like from a snowy mountain top in Oblivion. I'm running some graphical enhancement mods but the game itself isn't running on highest.

Damn straight they killed the Dragonborn! They killed Patrick Stewart! Is it the same as the Dovahkiin? Actually... yes. Tiber Septim himself was of Nordic descent and had visited the Greybeards, but he lost his Voice and later on ascended to become one of the Nine Divines of Imperial religion. Skyrim is set 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis, so it's all good. Sort of.

Murder someone for personal reasons. Take the effort to make it seem like an armed robbery gone wrong. And no, doing this has absolutely no effect whatsoever, aside from making you feel more immersed, haha.

Awkward moment: When a scripted quest giver walks in on you being recruited for the Dark Brotherhood. Haven't murdered old Rufio yet but I will soon, soon... for the Night Mother! Mr Lachance looks a tad pale? Of course, he's a vampire! Which is pretty fun to be for a while. They don't sparkle like those Barbie Vampires of late.

Ride through the night until dawn and pause to view scenery. This will NEVER happen in real life, hahaha.

The game likes to remind you when you ignore an Oblivion Gate... Gawd, let someone else close them already! I had a non-combatant priest and his master bodyguard enter one of the Gates with me and they killed off more enemies than I did!

One of the best things about Oblivion. The Arena. Also, Imperial City isn't a bustling metropolis. Its a big map with lots of houses and shops, with enough people to make Illuma on a weekday seem crowded!

One of the more memorable boss fights that doesn't appear in your quest journal. Why memorable? Because it takes place under my castle. Yeah you heard right, MY castle :p

The Orrerry at the Arcane University after fixing it. Gives you a power each day! Pretty and really cool when it started up.

And that concludes my screenshot spam for The Elder Scrolls in this post. I’ll definitely return with more for Oblivion in the future before I start on Skyrim. Although I wanna play it on my new PC, hook it up to my TV, HT system and a PS3 controller…


And videos to complete the whole multimedia experience, lol.

Live-action Official Trailer! Why YouTube suggests a gynaecology video as something related I have no idea…

And… this, hahaha.


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