A Cascade of Sound

So Kaskade will be at Zouk this Friday.
(Yeaaaaah the post title… I cringe a little myself ><)

I want to go because it’s Kaskade.
I don’t want to go because it’s Zouk.

I know, I know, it wouldn’t make sense for him to perform somewhere other than a club.

Will I have time to get home, get changed then get there?
Will I get there on time and not somehow spend an hour dressing up? I have no idea how that happens, I swear to Dibella .
Am I going to hurt my poor ears that’s already suffered five years of abuse when I was young and stupid?

Decisions, decisions. I can just write off the stupid entry fee (which I rather spend at a restaurant or heck, donate to charity) as a cheap standing ticket.

Well it’s not so bad considering how I’ve already passed on far more stellar shows this year. (I’m sorry Richard Marx, I even skipped on you and your godly voice a few hours ago! …but it’s damn sad going to your performance as a single guy, c’mon, haha.)

Ahhhh!! I’ll decide when the day draws closer. Ugh.

Sing along here.


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